The Act

In June 2015, a number of death threats posted on Dee Dee Blanchard’s Facebook account. Police officers pinpoint the location of The Blanchard Residence only to find Blanchard’s lifeless body at home. The local authorities track down the perpetrators, they turn out to be Blanchard’s daughter Gypsy Rose & her boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn, who suffers from mental problems. They were arrested. The pair were ultimately earned separate sentences in prison. Gypsy is incarcerated until she gets released in 2026. She’ll be eligible for parole in 2024. Godejohn is sentenced for life imprisonment without parole.

The Act officially streamed on Hulu in 2019. (same year Fosse/Verdon aired on FX) It received critical acclaim from critics and streamers alike. The Act became an eligible nominee at “The 71st Emmy Primetime Emmy Awards” winning for “Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Limited Series.”

It doesn’t matter if SPOILERS are listed. We all know what happened since this is based on real life. If you want to know further details, stream The Act on Hulu. You can also find a documentary titled, “Mommy Dead And Dearest” on HBO.

The Entire Series

Positive: Joey King & Patricia Arquette both did an excellent job for their respective performances.

Like Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron & Millie Bobby Brown, Joey actually shaved her head transforming herself as Gypsy. Talk about full commitment. She looks up to the aforementioned actresses.

Besides shaving her hair, Joey watched footage of the real Gypsy to match her voice and mannerisms.

Other Cast Members such as Chloë Sevigny & AnnaSophia Robb both did a great job for their respective performances.

Dean Norris, (Hank Schrader from Breaking Bad) Rhea Seehorn (Kim Wexler from Better Call Saul) & Juliette Lewis (a has-been) have small roles.

The Eight Part Mini-Series is set in 2009-2015 before and after Dee Dee was murdered.

Cinematography was well shot lacking technical problems.

The Mini-Series is also told in a non-linear (out of order format) shifting between past and present. Unlike HBO’s “Westworld,” The Act isn’t a complex fictional series, it’s obviously a mini-series based on real life events.

Flashbacks reveal Dee Dee early days as a mother raising Gypsy for the first time.

As you watch episode upon episode, Gypsy’s background is depressing. I feel bad for her being mistreated by her mother. She’s oblivious to harsh outcomes in real life, believing her life is like a fairy tale.

Negative: Most of the episodes’ scenes may or may not happened due to Gypsy’s mental state. I’ll give this flaw a pass. A disclaimer in the end credits addressed some of the scenes were altered.

Episode 1 – La Maison Du Bon Reve

Strong: In 2009, Dee Dee & Gypsy meet their new neighbors Mel & Lacey who live across the street.

Gypsy discovers two things, she’s not allergic to sugar and has the ability to walk. All the conditions she has turns out to be a placebo.

Weak: Nothing bad happened.

Episode 2 – Teeth

Healthy: As a result of eating too much candy and drinking coke, Gypsy’s teeth start to rot with Dee Dee forcing the dentist to remove all of Gypsy’s teeth. Remember kids, always brush your teeth after every meal or snack.

Suspicious towards Gypsy’s medical history, a doctor contacts Child Protective Services (CPS) to visit The Blanchard Residence.

Gypsy acquires a new set of dentures.

Unhealthy: No flaw discovered.

Episode 3 – Two Wolverines

Yay: In 2011, Gypsy discovers the truth about her actual age. Her birth certificate states she was born in 1991.

Dee Dee & Gypsy attend a costume convention. Gypsy immediately falls in love with a guy named, Scott.

Gypsy creates her secret Facebook account.

All heck broke lose when Dee Dee catches Gypsy at Scott’s home.

Nay: No con spotted.

Episode 4 – Stay Inside

Inflate: In 2013, Gypsy creates an online dating account. She meets Nicholas Godejohn for the first time.

I don’t want to cause a stir. I saw a pause worthy moment of Joey’s backside. Unlike Al Franken, I keep my damn pants up like a gentlemen.

Gypsy receives pet guinea pigs on her birthday.

Gypsy buys herself a laptop. Only for Dee Dee being a bitch breaking it.

Deflate: No sign of any boo boos.

Episode 5 – Plan B

Smart: In 2015, Gypsy & Godejohn meet in person at a movie theater where the live action “Cinderella” is playing. Thing don’t go so well when Dee Dee felt creeped out by Godejohn stalking them.

Gypsy & Godejohn plan Dee Dee’s murder. Now their personal lives are forever tarnished for committing an unforgivable idea.

Dumb: No flaws spotted.

Episode 6 – A Whole New World

Believable: Episode 6’s title is named after a song from my favorite animated Disney film “Aladdin.”

Flashbacks reveal Dee Dee’s troubled past transforming her as a greedy, manipulative, diabolical, selfish bitch towards her only daughter. Very sad witnessing a healthy little girl getting drugged by her abusive mother only motivated by greed.

At the age of six, Gypsy falls from a trampoline promoting Dee Dee to get a wheelchair for Gypsy even though she’s not physically handicapped.

Gypsy & escape to Wisconsin.

Unbelievable: No issues were found.

Episode 7 – Bonnie & Clyde

Logical: Gypsy & Godejohn arrive at the latter’s family home.

Feeling anxious and guilty at the same time over her mother’s murder, Gypsy & Godejohn send death threats on Dee Dee’s Facebook account. Thus, the cops discover Dee Dee’s lifeless body. Gypsy & Godejohn are eventually arrested without disabling the location at the latter’s family home.

Gypsy & Godejohn are interrogated by the cops.

Illogical: Not a single con found.

Episode 8 – Free

Open: Gypsy is sentenced for a decade in prison and Godejohn is sentenced for life imprisonment without parole.

Mel visits Gypsy confronting her she and Lacey that they want nothing to do with her. Mel addressed Gypsy didn’t call the police behind Dee Dee’s back. Somewhere, Elisabeth Smart is laughing hysterically at Gypsy. Unlike her, Elisabeth didn’t kill the white trash rapists, she used her common sense escaping their wrath informing the cops she was kidnapped. No offense to Gypsy, she’s completely stupid organizing Dee Dee’s murder without thinking this through. Gypsy thinks her life is like a Disney fairy tale.

The mini-series ends with a “where are they now” disclaimer revealing Gypsy is serving her 10 year sentence. Godejohm is currently serving a life sentence.

Closed: Nope. Not a single flaw found.

The Final Verdict: A, FOR APEX!

From my point of view, The Act is a well acted (excuse the redundancy) mini-series uncovering events that may or may not have happened prior to Dee Dee Blanchard’s murder. If you’re into true crime based films or shows, The Act is your one way ticket worth eight hours of your spare time. If you want to watch a documentary featuring the real Gypsy Rose Blanchard, check out the HBO documentary Mommy Dead And Dearest.

I feel bad for Gypsy going through hell. I hope she’s not mistreated in bars. Look at the bright side, she restart her life if she leaves the slammer in 2024 on parole or finish her sentence in 2026. Gypsy will eventually see her father and stepmother living a proper life she never had.

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