The Royal Tenenbaums

After “Rushmore” came out in 1998 earning critical acclaim, friends/business partners Wes Anderson & Owen Wilson penned a script together titled, “The Royal Tenenbaums.” The Premise focuses on the patriarch pretending he’s dying in order to reconnect with his estranged gifted kids and ex-wife Released in 2001. (same year Ocean’s 11 came out) It received […]

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Flashback Review: Kangaroo Jack

Jerry Bruckheimer green-lit a dark mob comedy film titled, “Down and Under.” Originally give an R rating, Jerry saw a preview of “Snow Dogs” with a scene featuring talking dogs. This time, Warner Bros. heavily relied on a talking kangaroo who can rap as the center of the marketing campaign to appeal to kids. Elizabeth […]

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“BARDO, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths” officially streamed on Netflix in 2022. (same year Everything Everywhere All at Once came out) It received mixed reviews from critics and streamers alike. As a fan of Alejandro “Al” González Iñárritu’s work, I wanna share my tonight’s on his latest film before The Golden Globes air […]

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