Flashback Review: Bio-Dome

It’s time for another rendition of Flashback Review, this time we’re going back to 1996 when I was three years old. During the decade, several comedians were climbing up the ladder including Jerry Seinfeld, Ben Stiller, Mike Myers, Rosanne Barr, Adam Sandler, Chris Farley etc. Some of them developed successful careers in stand-up, film and […]

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Flashback Review: Rugrats In Paris

After the commercial success of The Rugrats Movie, a follow up is set after the introduction of Tommy’s brother Dil. This time Tommy’s best friend Chuckie, is designated as the main protagonist of the sequel. The premise is about Stu Pickles (Tommy’s father) is contacted by a businesswoman name Coco Lebouche, (voiced by Susan Sarandon) […]

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