Meet Nick

Hi eveyone I’m Nick, and I am a huge movie fan. I’ve been active since 2016. I thought I would start this blog to give true and accurate reviews of movies. Other sites give great movies bad reviews, but I am an ordinary person who just loves movies.

I hope you enjoy my reviews and you can even comment on my reviews.  I will always do my best due diligence in not giving away spoilers. If I really enjoyed a certain movie, I’ll write a NON-SPOILER article. If a single film made me disappointed or wasted my precious spare time, I’ll write a SPOILER article. There is nothing worse than someone ruining a movie for you.  You can also check out my instagram.

I also have Twitter page under @nickthemoviecr1 so don’t forget to check out my posts because I often share or give you good or bad news.