Flashback Review: The World Is Not Enough

Near the end of the 20th century, Pierce Brosnan’s third film as James Bond, didn’t ignite the lightning in a bottle like Goldeneye did when he took over the role of 007. The second film was average, if you’ve read my previous reviews  on Goldeneye & Tomorrow Never Dies, I highly recommend for those who haven’t read the last two articles.

Our Flashback Review for this Bond film is “The World Is Not Enough.” Let’s see what the damage is this time. I’ll have you know that every James Bond film, except for Daniel Craig’s Bond, contain massive SPOILERS, due to the fact that each film is a recycled plot.

Fun Fact: This is the last time we see Desmond Llewelyn’s final performance a series Q after a total of 17 Bond Films. R.I.P.

Good: I’ll say before and I’ll say it again, Pierce Brosnan did a great job as 007.

Sophie Marseau did a good job as Electra King along with Robert Carlyle as Renard.

Judi Dench’s M, gets a bigger role in this installment before Daniel Craig’s reboot fully explored her relationship with Bond.

Action Scenes were unforgettable including the boat chase, defusing the bomb inside the pipeline.

A unique twist reveals that Electra King turns out to be the main villain of this film besides her lover Renard. She’s the only female Bond villain to date.

Bad: Denise Richards as Christmas Jones, did a wooden performance without showing emotion. This kinda predates Megan Fox in Transformers, & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Look I understand a lot of Bond Girls have puny names, but seriously? Who names their kid Christmas? Osmosis is a better given name than this!

In one scene she’s dressed as Lara Croft. A Nuclear Scientist in real life doesn’t wear an outfit like that.

The climax of the film recycles the previous submarine battle from Tomorrow Never Dies.

Final Verdict: C

It’s slightly better than the last film, another average Bond film but not in the same level as Goldeneye. If you’re a fan of James Bond, go give it a watch.



One thought on “Flashback Review: The World Is Not Enough

  1. Sophie Marceau is the personification of what every Bond Girl should strive for; sophisticated, exotic and gorgeous. Denise Richards is like a black hole that sucks the life out of the film every time she’s on screen!


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