Flashback Review: Mr. Magoo

Today’s rendition of Flashback Review is Mr. Magoo. Before I begin the review, let’s start with a history lesson about animated cartoon shows turning into live action adaptations.

In the 90’s, Universal Pictures released a live action film called “The Flinstones, based on the beloved cartoon, it made a enough money at the box office, but it was critically flopped by fans & critics. I think this is the film that would continue to spark a trend involving these type of films based on an animated series.

The films that follow this trend is called, T.F.E. also known as “The Flintstones Effect.”

Other films suffering from this effect including Casper, George Of the Jungle, Inspector Gadget, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Garfield, Fat Albert, Alvin & The Chipmunks, and the last one to put the nail in the coffin is the Transformers series. None of these movies were a critical success & Hollywood hasn’t learned from their mistakes.

Before Jem & The Holograms got pulled from movie theaters after two weeks of its release date, Mr. Magoo was the first causality as a box office failure. The reason why it got booted out in the first place is due to it’s comedic portrayal of people with blindness.

I think it’s absolutely bogus because Mr. Magoo isn’t blind, he’s nearsighted. It’s a stupid way to ban a movie from a theater. How did Michael Bay get away with the racist portrayal of the twins from the second Transformers movie? Care to explain why protestors who’ve ban Mr. Magoo?

Enough of the chit chat. Time to share my opinion on Mr. Magoo, but first the flaws of this film.

Positive: Leslie Nielsen as the titular character, gave me a few laughs.

Magoo’s car resembling an eggplant looks hilariously ridiculous but cool at the same time

Negative: The bad guys in the movie are very incompetent along with bumbling cops.

A character with the code name “The Black Widow,” Marvel shoulda sue for trademark infringement.

Magoo never notice the T.V. changed stations. He has ears & he literally does what the following  stations tell him to do while cooking a turkey.

How did Mr. Magoo managed to apply a tattoo on his chest?

A baboon in this movie looks fake. This makes Tim Burton’s Planet Of The Apes have better ape costumes.

Blue screen effect looks fake during the waterfall scene.

Malcolm McDowell only had two scenes. He had a lot of screen time in Tank Girl.

Final Verdict: It deserves an F, because this movie is a faker.

If you have kids, they’re probably gonna love this movie, but when they grow up as adults, they’re gonna regret watching this.

P.S. T.F.E. “The Flintstones Effect” is a term I’ve coined, so don’t even think about stealing that acronym. It should be copyrighted.




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