Batman VS. Superman (Theatrical Cut)

One of the most highly anticipated superhero films of all time, Warner Bros. & DC Entertainment, decided to start their own superhero movie franchise in an attempt to create their own due to the success of Marvel properties such as Avengers & X-Men. In 2013, Man Of Steel became a box office success, however, it had mixed reviews from critics & fans alike.

After the release of Superman’s big screen comeback, Warner Bros. officially declared their Marvel Cinematic Universe, as The “DC Cinematic Universe.” Batman VS. Superman is the first time the two iconic titular  characters of all time, are gonna be in the silver screen.

Like it’s predecessor Man Of Steel, Batman VS. Superman became a box office smash hit, unfortunately, it received negative reviews from critics & long time Batman & Supermans alike. Let me talk about what’s good & what’s bad about this long awaited dream which became an epic cluster-fudge.

There’s gonna be MASSIVE SPOILERS. Read at your own risk.

Pros: Ben Affleck did an incredible performance as Batman/Bruce Wayne, he’s on the same level as Michael Keaton’s portrayal of “The Caped Crusader.” Gal Gadot & Jeremy Irons did a splendid job for their performances as Wonder Woman & Aflred.

Visual Effects are Class A.

Action Sequences felt organic, such as Batman fighting thugs in a warehouse, resembled the Arkham Games.

Costume Designs such as the Batsuits look spot on identical to Frank Miller’s graphic novel, “The Dark Knight Returns.”

Opening Sequence with Bruce Wayne witnessing the destruction of Metropolis, strongly sets up the conflict.

Affleck’s Batman is much more brutal than the previous actors who portrayed the character.

Batman defeats Superman, proving he can still be a B.A. without acquiring super powers.

Batman, Superman, & Wonder Woman joining forces, got my blood pumping faster with excitement.

Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal as Lex Luthor, felt like Jim Carrey’s Riddler all over again. He was annoying, irrating, makes you want to throw a batarang so he can shut up.

Superman needs to grab a Snickers bar, because he’s to emo/grungy. He’s not like Superman, he’s suppose to be a good hearted, nice, like Goku from Dragonball Z.

Batman has a dream within a dream sequence, didn’t make sense. In real life, you can’t have one dream after another, this ain’t Inception.

Batman kills criminals. If Justice League addresses the big fat flaw, I’ll let that go.

The Kryptonian ship from Man Of Steel, appears to have survive to crash during the climatic battle between Superman & Zod.

Superman should’ve used his x-ray vision/super-hearing to save Martha Kent, his adoptive mom.

Batman & Superman didn’t have enough screen time together. It took an hour & minutes of buildup until we have seen them duke it out.

The infamous save Martha scene. I know Batman & Superman’s moms share the first name, it’s just a common name. Imagine Spider-Man reacting to a petty crook saying Ben. As in, Uncle Ben.

Metropolis & Gotham City are next door to each other instead of located very far away like in the comics.

If you’re a DC Comics fan, Doomsday shows up way too soon. He looks like the love child of Shrek & a cave troll from Lord Of The Rings.

Lois Lane gets rescued from Superman three times. She ain’t Spider-Man’s girlfriend Mary Jane Watson.

The controversial ending of Superman’s death but he miraculously survives, specks of dirt levitate indicating he’s alive. That folks, is an example of cheap drama to get your audience feel sad for him. I didn’t cry, my eyes were dry.

Final Verdict: D for deadbeat which this film is pretty much described as a deadbeat.

If you want to see a better version of the film, I recommend the ultimate cut which fixes the problems of the theatrical cut. Haven’t seen it, someday I might bump the grade as an average film.

In my opinion, this is the most disappointed film of 2016, similar to hype & post-release of Star Wars: The Phantom Mence. Luckily, Suicide Squad is way better, it’s a turning point for the DC Cinematic Universe. I’m looking forward to Wonder Woman, Justice League, & of course, The Batman.

P.S. Mr. Affleck if you’re reading this, good luck on your attempt to direct a Batman film. Please make it feel like the 90’s animated series because I grew up watching it. I’m a life long fan of Batman since childhood, please don’t mess this up, I’m counting you.







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