Flashback Review: Tomorrow Never Dies

After the success of Goldeneye, long time film company, EON Productions, finally got their act together after a six year hiatus involving legal disputes during a gap between the post release of License To Kill, & the pre development stages of the then untitled Bond Film.

Goldeneye became a critical & commercial hit. As a result, Pierce Brosnan sign a deal for a number of sequels to return as the infamous James Bond, starting with Tomorrow Never Dies.

The premise of the film depicts James Bond, once again assigned to investigate Elliot Carver, a media tycoon similar to Ted Turner who is the villain of the film, whose primary goal is to build is company into a global empire but first, he has to cause a stir between China & England. You hear that Harvey Levin of T.M.Z.? Don’t get any stupid ideas?

Fun Fact: During the Brosnan era, each of his Bond films came out the same year each Austin Powers movie was released, except for Goldeneye.

In every Bond film, except for Daniel Craig’s Bond, they’ll be SPOILERS, because each film is basically a retelling but with a different atmosphere, location, and bad guys.

Positive Aspects: Pierce Brosnan once again, did a wonderful performance.

Action Sequences are superb such as the bike chase, instead of a steering wheel, he uses a remote control/prototype of a Nintendo 3DS (before it was invented) to escape the shenanigans of the bad guys.

Michelle Yeoh did a good job as Wai Lin, another Bond Girl helping Bond to save the world & not just a Princess Peach type of character.

Negative Aspects: Teri Hatcher’s character barely had enough screen time, she had a history with 007. The only thing she mentioned to him, was breaking up with him, as if like I didn’t see that coming.  Gonna have to double down some points for the missed opportunity to explore her past with Bond.

One of the henchmen of the film, resembles John Waters doing a bad impression of Nigel Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys.

Bond doesn’t understand the Chinese language. He’s been traveling around the world speaking different lanaguages for a couple of years in each film.

The stupidest part of the movie, shows Elliot Carver, the bad guy mocking Michelle Yeoh’s fighting skills, it looks like something off of a sub-par Nick/Disney sitcom. Dr Evil has more material than this moron. Gonna have to Double Down for this con.

Final Verdict: It’s a C-.

It’s not as good as Goldeneye. It’s another adequate Bond film from Brosnan’s films until the other two happened. If you want to check out the Brosnan films, its definitely a treat to go back in reminence the good ol days.

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