Bad Santa 2

In 2003, a Christmas film called Bad Santa became an instant holiday classic unlike a traditional family gathering movie like Miracle On 34th Street or a winter fairy tale in the vein of The Santa Clause. Bad Santa was beloved by the critics & the general public, even Billy Bob Thornton went on to get a Golden Globe nomination for his portrayal of an alcoholic perverted robber pretending to be jolly old Saint Nick.

If you haven’t seen the original, it’s best to see it because there’s gonna be some MASSIVE SPOILERS from the first & second films. If not, read at your own risk.

The review for the day is the sequel we’ve long been waiting for the past decade is Bad Santa 2.

The premise of the film is set a decade later after the events of the original film. Willie Soke, the main character of the film, comes out of retirement after his partner who tried to kill him, convinces him to take the red suit once again for the biggest robbery of their career, steal $2 million from a charity organization.

Nice Bits: The cast from the first movie return. Acting was good from the old cast including Billy Bob Thornton & Tony Cox, as well as newcomers such as Kathy Bates & Christina Hendricks. I laughed during funny moments. It still retains the dark humor & sentimental moments.

Naughty Bits: Character Devleopment from the first film is completely reversed back to the old drawing board, particularly Willie & Thurman. (the fat kid) The sequel didn’t strike lightning in a bottle like it’s predecessor once did for movie goers & critic alike. Marcus (the elf sidekick) survived a gunshot, & he gets hit by a car, but in real life he would’ve been dead by now. There was no sign of Mrs. Santa’s Sister (the previous love interest from the original) or the dwarf’s girlfriend.

Final Verdict: D as an deadbeat.

The orignal is still far more superior than the new one. If you want to see the sequel, watch it on TV for free or save a couple of bucks for the upcoming Star Wars Rogue One.

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