Bad Santa

It’s that time of the year for those who are preping up for the holidays this December. Today’s review is a Christmas film unlike a traditional one to It’s A Wonderful Life, The Santa Clause, or A Christmas Carol. Not just a sweet innocent family film, but a foul, disgusting, loud belch. The movie I’m referring to is Bad Santa.

One of my favorite Christmas movies of all time, it has to be this film. What if Santa Claus wasn’t the jolly old Saint Nick we all no know in love, turns out to be an alcoholic, perverted, sleazy, robber who does nothing but drinking on the job.

Fun Fact: It’s not the first R rated Christmas film, but there are some pictures before that such as Lethal Weapon, Eyes Wide Shut, & of course the granddaddy of them all, Die Hard.

Nice: The actors did a great job. Billy Bob Thornton as the titular character, was born to play the role. Tony Cox played his miserable  sidekick, he did a hilarious portrayal of a petty thief pretending to be Santa’s Elf. The fat kid has a name that rhymes even his character is far more supperior than Mike Myers in Cat In The Hat. Funny memorable moments of the movie, got me into laughter non stop including the negotiating scene between Bernie Mac & Tony Cox.

Naughty: What happened to John Ritter’s character at the end of Bad Santa? I know John Ritter died after he completed his scenes but they didn’t reveal where he went? In the orignal cut, most of the scenes were cut because I saw the unrated cut which contains a lot of material whichever felt like it was competed.

Final Verdict: For the standard cut, it’s a B. For the unrated cut under the name “Badder Santa,” it’s an A-. If you want to see which is the better version, I highly recommend the Badder Santa version because it has more jokes, more naughty moments, & more scenes that complete the finished product of the film.

Looking forward to seeing Bad Santa 2. Who knows if it’s gonna do an awesome job like the orignal. It’s gonna take some big shoes to fill after 13 years in the making, will finally get to see our favorite anti Santa.

R.I.P. John Ritter & Bernie Mac.


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