Home Sweet Home Alone

“Home Sweet Home Alone” is streaming on Disney Plus. It received negative reviews from critics, families and streamers alike. When I first heard Disney Plus is making a follow up to “Home Alone” without Macaulay Culkin, I had a bad feeling this is gonna suck pee pee. As a film critic, I can’t be reluctant, […]

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Flashback Review: Heavyweights

Greetings fellow movie goers from around the world. Today’s Flashback Review is about a group of kids who go to fat camp called, “Camp Hope” to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Suddenly, a crazed fitness guru wreaks havoc buying Camp Hope making it a living hell for the kids. The plot I’m referring to is from […]

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Flashback Review: Good Burger

In 1994, Nickelodeon aired a sketch comedy developed by Dan Schneider (Drake & Josh, ICarly, Victorious) called, “All That.” The show is basically a kids version of Saturday Night Live (SNL for short) typically beginning with a “cold opening,” a featured guest promoting his/her movie or television series, kid actors participate in various sketches, before […]

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