Gamer’s Review: The Godfather Part II (2009)

After Electronic Arts (EA for short) released a video game adaptation of the Oscar Winning film “The Godfather” in 2006 the company worked on a sequel based on the aforementioned first entry known as “The Godfather Part II.”

EA’s The Godfather Part II was released in 2009 (same year Assassin’s Creed II came out) on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Unlike the first game, the sequel earned mixed reviews from critics, movie buffs and gamers alike. It failed make a profit due to a lack of copies sold. As a result, EA cancelled plans for a third game based on “The Godfather Part III.”

An upcoming mini-series based on the making of the first Godfather film titled, “The Offer” will stream on April 28th, 2022, only on Paramount Plus.

It doesn’t matter if SPOLIERS are listed. Many of us movie buffs already seen The Godfather films. They’re either referenced or parodied in other works.

Made & Whack Aspects

Made: Robert Duvall reprises his role as Tom Hagen and he did a decent job for his performance.

Gameplay retains elements from the first game. The second game is influenced by the “Grand Theft Auto” (GTA for short) series, you navigate in New York City, Miami & Cuba. Like the wanted level, from GTA, if you partake in illegal things like going on a rampage, your “heat” level goes up. Beat up rival gangsters in a brawl or engage in a shootout. Stealth also comes in handy. If you gain heat, you can bribe a cop.

The first game’s mechanic retains the ability to extort a manager of a business/warehouse into persuading him/her to pay for racketeering. An intimidation meter below the manager’s health, pinpoints if he/she is willing to pay. If a manager refuses to cooperate, look for a weak point by attacking, grabbing, destroying property or point a gun at him/her. If done right, you’ll get a bonus. If you overdue these tactics, the meter will turn red, and the manager will fight back. No worries, come back to any shop you wish to take over the proper way.

If you take over a crime ring, you’re granted a bonus such as armor, extra income, reduce guard costs, additional ammo and carry more bombs.

Character Customization under “Mobface” is retained. You can customize Dominic’s appearance, hair, eye color, attire, weight, facial hair etc. Back when EA didn’t become a corporate sellout only relying on microtransactions.

You equip yourself with handguns/pistols, shotgun, tommy gun, dynamite and Molotov cocktails. Weapon upgrades are hidden so keep an eye on ’em.

Melee Combat lets you beat up gangsters with your fists and two-handed weapons. Both melee and guns feature deadly finishing moves.

After obtaining income from properties, you can spend your cash on upgrades for yourself and your crew.

A new mechanic, “The Don’s View” allows you to see a 3D map of businesses, warehouses and a rival family’s compound. If you take over any location, guards will protect your property. Depending on how much guards you pay, they’ll give you enough time until you come back to prevent a family from owning it. Recruit a member of The Corleone Family. You interview a certain individual’s skills. If he’s right for the job, he’s hired. If you promote a member, he’ll get a new skill and a health boost.

Michael, Tom, Fredo & Hyman Roth are mission givers.

The game recreates a few memorable scenes from the film like a failed assassination attempt on Michael, the senate hearing and Fredo’s death.

If you’re having a hard time, look up cheat codes.

Whack: Game Designers didn’t put any real effort upgrading the first game’s graphics. They look ugly as fudge.

Like the first game, Michael doesn’t look or sound anything like Al Pacino.

Too bad EA didn’t give players an opportunity to Vito’s early years. That could’ve been two stories in one as the actual film shifts between Vito & Michael’s storylines.

Dominic is not as interesting as Aldo from the first game. I find the former boring as heck.

New York City is much smaller. In the previous game, it was a big city to explore.

Speaking of Aldo, he gets killed by a sniper during the beginning. EA pulled an “Alien 3” on him, because his death wasn’t earned. It was done poorly for shock value, instead of a meaningful passing the torch moment to Dominic. After what the main playable character went through, I’m tripling Down EA’s decision to kill off Aldo. You broke my heart EA.

Anytime you enter a car, your crew members sprint in lightning speed.

The sequel lacks content. After you beat the main story, there’s no side missions, no additional rival gangsters, mini-games, collecting film reels to unlock clips from the actual film. That’s pretty bad folks.

The Final Verdict: D-

EA’s The Godfather Part II is a miscalculation. A failed attempt to cash-in on an Oscar winning classic. If I were you, play better crime themed video games like “Scarface: The World Is Yours,” “Yakuza 0” or “Sleeping Dogs.” EA’s The Godfather Part II is definitely an offer you can refuse.

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