Gamer’s Review: The Godfather (2006)

“The Godfather” video game was released in 2006 (same year Scarface: The World Is Yours came out) on PlayStation 2 and Xbox. It received positive reviews from critics, movie buffs and gamers alike. Besides good reception, the game also sold enough copies worldwide. Three Years Later, a sequel based on “The Godfather Part II” was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Unlike the first game, the sequel earned mixed reviews. As a result, a third game based on the weakest film of “The Godfather Trilogy” sleeps with the fishes.

In response to The Godfather’s 50th anniversary alongside an upcoming ten-part mini-series about the making of the film titled, “The Offer” will stream on April 28th only on Paramount Plus. Don’t forget to mark your calendars.

It doesn’t matter if SPOILERS are listed. The Godfather is either referenced,or parodied in other works or found as a meme. Especially the quote “Look how they massacred my boy.” I’ll have you know I’m only reviewing the PS2/Xbox version. I have to admit, I first played the game before watching the film.

Made & Whack Elements

Made: Actors from the original movie including James Caan, Robert Duvall, Abe Vigoda & Marlon Brando reprise their roles and they all did a decent job for their performances. The game is really Marlon Brando’s last acting gig. He died two years before it was completed.

Gameplay is presented as a third-person shooter open-world game. Influenced by the “Grand Theft Auto” (GTA for short) series, you navigate in New York City. Like the wanted level, from GTA, if you partake in illegal things like going on a rampage, your “heat” level goes up. Beat up rival gangsters in a brawl or engage in a shootout. Stealth also comes in handy.

Developers did an extensive amount of research recreating the film’s setting, likenesses for the actors and bringing back notable scenes.

Graphics at the time felt realistic. They still hold up for a PS2/Xbox game.

Customization under the name “Mobface” allows you to personally alter Aldo’s appearance, facial hair, attire, eye color, hairstyles, hair color and weight. Back when EA didn’t become a greedy corporate sellout adding microtransactions.

A unique mechanic allows you to extort a manager of a business/warehouse into persuading him/her to pay for racketeering. An intimidation meter below the manager’s health, pinpoints if he/she is willing to pay. If a manager refuses to cooperate, look for a weak point by attacking, grabbing, destroying property or point a gun at him/her. If done right, you’ll get a bonus. If you overdue these tactics, the meter will turn red, and the manager will fight back. No worries, come back to any shop you wish to take over the proper way.

Melee Combat lets you beat up gangsters with your fists two-handed weapons. Both melee and guns feature deadly finishing moves.

You equip yourself with handguns/pistols, shotgun, tommy gun, dynamite and Molotov cocktails. Find a black a market dealer to upgrade your arsenal.

There are two kinds of vendetta levels. One with a rival mob family and the other is the po-po. Killing too many gangsters will result in a mob war. If you wanna keep a low profile, from both, bribe a cop for a limited amount of time. It’s best not to end a mob war by blowing up a potential business.

As you progress, you gain experience points completing missions, purchase safehouses, acquiring many businesses, warehouses and compounds. You start as a low-ranking member climbing your way up to the ladder. After you level up, pause the game and increase your stats. Once you finally complete the game, you finally become The Don Of NYC.

After the death of his father, you play as Aldo Trapini recruited by The Corleone Family. As you work your way to the top, you gain The Corleone Family’s trust as a loyal gangster. Other than becoming allies with Tom, Sonny (my personal favorite) & Michael, Aldo develops a close friendship Monk and going out with his pal’s sister Frankie.

Main Missions mostly recreates iconic scenes from the film with Aldo’s point of view like the horse head in bed, Vito getting shot by assassins, Michael using a planted gun to shoot Solazzo and his bodyguard, Sonny fatally gunned down and the baptism montage with Michael’s hired guns annihilating various targets.

The iconic soundtrack is included in the game.

Side Missions involve assassinating a target, collecting film reels unlocks clips from the film, weakening the four rival families The Tattaglias, The Cuneos, The Straccis and The Barzini by taking over all businesses, warehouses and headquarters.

If you’re having a hard time, Google some Cheat Codes.

Whack: Michael’s looks and accent nothing like Al Pacino. The reason why Al didn’t scan his likeness in the game is because he already allowed his looks for “Scarface: The World Is Yours.” This is why we can’t have nice things people.

New Jersey is depicted as a tiny borough in the game, rather than a separate state in real life.

The Final Verdict: B, FOR BADA BING!

From my perspective, EA’s The Godfather still holds up. Although a different take on the Oscar winning film, the game kept me entertained from start to finish. If you haven’t played it, this game is an offer you can’t refuse.

2 thoughts on “Gamer’s Review: The Godfather (2006)

  1. I think if this game was remade it would be the ultimate gangster game, it’s got it all; Purchasable safehouses, empire building, awesome gunplay and hand to hand combat, negotiation, detailed character customisation. Throw in some car, weapon and maybe safehouse customisation also stores where you can purchase things and a radio with period music and you’ve got a winner.


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