The Christmas Chronicles

“The Christmas Chronicles’ officially streamed in 2018 (same year Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse came out) exclusively on Netflix. It received mixed reviews from critics and streamers alike. Two Years Later, a sequel streamed. Christmas Month is ongoing. I’ve selected the aforementioned movie to get into the holiday spirit.

Today’s review contains no SPOILERS. Keep in mind, this is a short article. It’s not a complex psychological thriller. Just an hour and a half family film. Is it an instant holiday classic or just another pile of coal like “Home Sweet Home Alone?” Let’s find out, shall we?

Nice & Naughty Aspects

Nice: Kurt Russell did a great job for his performance as Santa Claus.

Fun Fact: Kurt was considered for the lead role in “The Santa Clause.” He dropped out in favor of “Stargate.”

Darby Camp & Judah Lewis both did an ok job for their respective performances.

Humor has some funny as heck moments. I laughed my butt off whenever Santa interacts with random strangers.

Visual Effects are really good. They don’t seem fake at all. There’s one amazing scene with one of the kids are transported to The North Pole. I didn’t my the elfs. They don’t look butt ugly like the live-action “Smurfs” movies.

Cinematography felt stable lacking glitches.

Pacing felt normal for an hour and a half movie. I never felt bored.

Chemistry between Santa and the kids felt normal. Their interactions move the story forward.

The Tone is sweet and not mean spirited.

Chris Columbus (Home Alone, its sequel, first two Harry Potter films) produced the film Courtesy of his production company, 1492 Pictures. He also directed the sequel.

Matt Lieberman (Scoob, Free Guy) wrote the script.

The film mostly takes place in Chicago. That’s where Christopher Nolan grew up. He has dual citizenship in The US & The UK.

This version of Santa is not out of shape. He’s still got his magic.

A running gag involving Santa complaining about commercialism making him look morbidly obese. If a third movie is green-lit, I would like to hear his complaints over “Battlefield 2042” using his image as an unlockable character riding on a tank, instead of his sleigh.

A random character watches “Stranger Things.” Netflix giving us subscribers a wink.

If you’re a fan of “The Sopranos” or Bruce Springsteen, Steven Van Zandt makes a brief appearance.

A Musical Number didn’t feel stupid. It factors for something important. Thank goodness it never gave me “Tank Girl” flashbacks.

Oliver Hudson has a role as the kids’ late father.

Goldie Hawn (Kurt’s life partner) makes a cameo appearance as Mrs. Claus.

Naughty: Product Placement (Pee Pee for short) featuring brands such as Apple, Sony, Cheesz-It, Yoo-Hoo, GAP, Dodge & Louis Vuitton.

The Final Verdict: A-

The Christmas Chronicles is an instant holiday classic defiantly worth spending time with your family. I don’t understand why this movie earned mixed reception. It’s not a clunker nor a disappointment. If you haven’t seen The Christmas Chronicles, give this one a shot. Then watch the sequel.

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