Chucky: Season 1

Chucky’s first season simultaneously aired on USA and Syfy. It received positive reviews from critics, fans and viewers alike. The first show in the “Child’s Play” series broke viewership records which is an epic win for USA & Syfy. A second season is currently in development intended to air sometime in 2022.

Today’s review contains no SPOILERS. Feel free to check out my non-spoiler article.

Positive & Negative Elements

Positive: Brad Dourif reprises his role as Chucky and he did an excellent job for his performance.

Familiar faces from previous installments including Fiona Dourif (Brad Dourif’s real life daughter) & Jennifer Tilly reprise their roles and they both did a great job for their respective performances.

Newcomers to the series such as Zackary Arthur, Bjorgvin Arnarson, Alyvia Alyn Lind, Devon Sawa (Final Destination) all did a decent job for their respective performances.

Series creator, Don Mancini mapped out all eight episodes. He made sure everything’s according to plan.

Don stated Jake is based on him, because he grew up struggling to fit in as a gay kid.

Story Arc focuses on the perspective of a teenage boy named, Jake who buys Chucky at a yard sale for a personal art project. Suddenly, Chucky wreaks havoc killing anybody associated with Jake. Chucky’s main goal is to manipulate Jake as his pawn. Feeling reluctant, Jake is forced to do Chucky’s bidding as he must find an alternate solution to put a stop to the killer doll’s scheme and uncover his grandmaster plan.

The show retains the films’ sense of Black Comedy & Chucky’s unapologetic one-liners.

If you feel lost, callbacks to previous films are brought up.

The series is set in Chucky’s hometown Hackensack, New Jersey. It also took place at the end of “Bride Of Chucky.”

Cinematography felt stable. Never succumbing to glitches.

Death Scenes are very brutal leaving a crimson blood stain thicker than water.

Animatronics were heavily involved bringing Chucky to life. No Computer Animation was used. Always a tradition using Practial Effects since the first movie.

According to Don, the show is influenced by John Carpenter, Brian De Palma & HBO’s “Big Little Lies.” The majority of the show with teen characters might’ve been inspired by “Stranger Things.”

The show has no connection to the unnecessary 2019 remake. It takes place after “Cult Of Chucky.”

It’s confirmed the show & Cult Of Chucky are set in 2021. Eight years after the events of “Curse Of Chucky.”

Primary Themes are Sexuality, Teen Angst, Hypocrisy, Young Love, Manipulation, Murder, & Coming-Of-Age. Each one is handled maturely.

Behind-The-Scenes footage of the show features interviews of The Cast & Crew reflecting their onset experience.

Negative: Episode’s 3 & 6 both have a flaw. Scroll down for more info.

Episode 1

Alive: First episode introduces us to new characters in the franchise who live in Chucky’s childhood neighborhood.

A quote from “Seinfeld” is referenced. Plus, “Pokémon” is mentioned.

Chucky humiliates somebody without literally going too far.

A prominent character meets his end. In the words of Joaquin Phoenix’s “Joker.” “You get what you f**king deserve!”

Jake owns a posters of “The Outsiders.” A restored cut is streaming on HBO Max.

Dead: No problems found.

Episode 2

Fresh: Lexy hosts a party at her place.

A flashback shows a crucial part of Chucky’s childhood.

Chucky’s twin children Glen & Glenda from “Seed Of Chucky” are mentioned.

Chucky’s “disguise” in public gave me a chuckle.

Expired: Nothing bad happened.

Episode 3

Warm: Flashbacks unlock another part of Chucky’s childhood.

One scene subverted my expectations.

Third episode ends on a high note.

Cold: A stabbing scene looks pretty fake.

Episode 4

Strong: Junior and the rest of the kids recover from an “accident.”

Chucky’s half-scarred face looks like Two-Face in silly putty. One of his eyes are misaligned. In the words of Scott Evil from “Austin Powers.” “Get away from me you lazy-eyed psycho!” I would like an action figure or funko pop of Chucky’s half-scarred face.

Devon investigates traces of Chucky’s background.

Weak: No flaws spotted.

Episode 5

Clear: Flashbacks reveal yet another part of Chucky’s backstory.

Two scenes subverted my expectations.

Familiar faces managed to put a smile on my face.

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s song “Heads Will Roll” is played near the end. I want a future episode of Chucky going on a killing montage with Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kids” playing in the background.

Cluttered: No boo boos exposed.

Episode 6

Brave: A pivotal scene pays homage to “Cape Fear.”

More characters meet their fates.

A slow-motion death scene reminds me of a similar scene from “Die Hard.”

One scene shows Tiffany playing poker. Jennifer is a skilled poker player in real life.

Once again, another flashback shows a piece of Chucky’s backstory.

Cowardly: Chucky owns a voodoo book. I think voodoo books are stupid. Remember in the first movie a witch doctor taught him how to transfer his soul? I find voodoo books idiotic, because it creates a huge plot hole contradicts the first film’s mythology surrounding dark magic. Nobody but Chucky & Tiffany never went to a local bookstore to study magic. “The Ministry Of Magic” from the “Harry Potter” series are more secretive than this ridiculous concept of a friggin’ book available in public stores instead of hiding it from muggles.

Episode 7

More: Chucky intends to exploit somebody as his pawn.

Lexy’s mother announces a public screening for a charity event.

One character meets his/her fate.

The Plot thickens. indicating, The Stakes have drastically increased.

Less: Nothing terrible happened.

Episode 8

Redemption: Season Finale ties loose ends between Jake, Devon, Lexy, Junior Andy, Kyle, Nica, Tiffany & Chucky. Until Season 2 continues the story.

Chucky’s plan finally makes perfect sense. I cannot tell you. This article is classified.

One more flashback tied to Chucky changes everything.

Season Finale contains shocking moments that’ll make you gasp.

Sacred: No cons discovered.

The Final Verdict: A-

Chucky’s first season is a strong start for the Child’s Play series. If you’re a fan of Horror and Chucky, I highly recommend this show. So far, Chucky is one of my favorite shows of 2021 along with “Invincible,” “Loki,” “Marvel’s What If” & my number one pick, “Squid Game.”

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