New Year’s Eve

After the late Gary Marshall’s “Valentine’s Day” came out in 2010 earning negative reception and made money at the box office, two similar films involving an ensemble cast set in a titular holiday titled, “New Year’s Eve” & “Mother’s Day” completed a trilogy or as I call it “The Holiday Trilogy.” Has nothing to do with that one Christmas movie starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz Jack Black & Jude Law.

New Year’s Eve was released in 2011. (same year Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation came out) It received negative reviews from critics. Although a critical flop, it managed to make enough green at the box office. Mother’s Day concluded The Holiday Trilogy in 2016 earning the same amount of bad criticism and made enough revenue. The final installment is also Gary Marshall’s last movie before he died from a stroke.

We’ve all gone through hell enduring 2020’s unpleasant things like COVID-19, riots, business layoffs, forest fires, movie theaters struggling to make money, social distancing & celebrities such as J.K. Rowling committing career suicide. I want to share one of my guilty pleasures until the vaccine will bring our everyday lives back the way they were.

This review contains no crucial SPOILERS. Feel free to check out my non-spoiler article. Is New Year’s Eve a hit or miss? Time to find out.

Positive & Negative Elements

Positive: The Main Cast such as Sarah Paulson, (my favorite actress) Hilary Swank, (Elle Burr from Insomnia) Michelle Pfeiffer, (legit Catwoman) Zac Efron, (every high school girl’s crush) Seth Meyers, (Late Night Host) Jessica Biel, (Justin Timberlake’s wife) Ashton Kutcher, (destroyed Two & A Half Men) Josh Duhamel, (Lennox from Transformers) Carla Gugino, (the mom from Spy Kids) Katherine Heigl, (a has-been) Russell Peters, Sofía Vergara, (makes men “rise” like the stock market) Jon Bon Jovi, Abigail Breslin, (Little Miss Sunshine) Sarah Jessica Parker, (Carrie Bradshaw) Ludacris, (Tej from The Fast & The Furious series) John Lithgow, (Lord Farquaad from Shrek) Robert De Niro, (Muh-Ray Franklin) Halle Berry, (not Catwoman) Lea Michele (a psycho bitch in real life) Héctor Elizondo, (Gary’s good luck charm) Larry Miller (the dad from 10 Things I Hate About You) Yeardley Smith (voice of Lisa Simpson) & Matthew Broderick (Buller Buller Buller) all did a decent job for their respective performances.

Fun Fact: Hilary Swank & John Lithgow worked with my idol, Christopher Nolan. Hilary was in Insomnia. John was in “Interstellar.”

Gary Marshall did a great job directing. He also produced the movie.

“American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest appear as himself hosting The Countdown Ball. He also hosts The Countdown Ball in real life.

James Belushi, (John Belushi’s brother) Alyssa Milano, (not the boss) & Cary Elwes (Robin Hood) make cameo appearances.

Like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, New Year’s Eve is told over the course of one day focusing on people working on their everyday lives, until The Countdown Ball located in Time’s Square drops til, midnight. 2011 will marks an end, commencing then new year 2012. Back when The Avengers became the biggest movie of 2012. I’m so happy The 2012 Apocalypse never happened. Thus, Roland Emmerich’s film is described as an “Elseworlds” (word trademark by DC Comics) if The 2012 Apocalypse really did come true.

Jokes managed to give me a chuckle. Not cringeworthy like Adam Sandler’s Razzie winning “Jack & Jill.”

Cinematography never had any technical problems throughout.

Each storyline kept me intrigued such as Claire organizing The Countdown Ball, Paul takes a Ingrid to a few places to complete her bucket list before midnight, Claire’s father Stan, a terminally ill man with cancer wants to see The Ball drop, two married couples are pregnant & Sam goes on a cross country trip to New York City for an important party he must attend.

One character is named, Murray. Robert De Niro later played Murray (Muh-Ray) Franklin in Joaquin Phoenix’s “Joker.”

Claire delivers a heartwarming speech. I need Hilary to give me a sweet speech as a way of cheering me up over 2020.

Chemistry with The Cast as New Yorkers felt authentic.

Spider-Man is referenced. “Spider-Man: Edge Of Time” came out in 2011.

At the 1:48:06 mark, there’s a poster of “Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows.” The sequel starring Robert Downey Jr. & Jude Law came out in 2011.

Two people trapped in an elevator is a better version than M. Night Shyamalan’s “Devil.”

Matthew Broderick’s character Mr. Bullerton, is a shout-out to “Ferris Buller’s Day Off.” Thank god he didn’t say “That’s a lot of fish” from that terrible 1998 remake of “Godzilla.”

Jon Bon Jovi himself performs “Have A Little Faith In Me.” Lea Michele (a reminder she’s a psycho bitch in real life) also did her own singing performing Have A Little Faith In Me.

Former NYC Mayor Michael “Mikey” Bloomberg makes a cameo appearance.

The Ending will make you put a warm smile on your face.

Negative: I may not be a certified doctor, but who the heck carries a person to the top of the stairs with Vertigo? Ulrich Stern from “Code Lyoko” can do better by conquering his fear of heights all by himself. He’s laughing at a “Million Dollar Baby!”

The Final Verdict: A-

From my point of view or as any Star Wars character says the phrase, “From A Certain Point Of View.” I actually have a soft spot for New Year’s Eve. I don’t understand why it’s critically panned. What I’m trying to say is In fact, New Year’s Eve is a misunderstood feel good ensemble romantic comedy. If you’re in the mood to watch this movie before 2021 marks a new path, I highly recommend this guilty pleasure of mine.

Happy New Year my fellow movie goers from around the globe. Remember to stay safe. Wash your hands. Use sanitizer. Wear a mask. Don’t give up. We’re all in this predicament together. Let’s hope 2021 might undone the damage.

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