Just Go With It

Just Go With It was released in 2011. (same year The Muppets’ comeback film came out) It earned negative reviews from critics.

With Hotel Transylvania 4 in development, I’ve decided to look back at one of Adam Sandler’s stinkers. Plus “Uncut Gems” is available to watch at home.

Today’s review contains a lot of SPOILERS. Read at your own risk.

Good & Bad Qualities

Good: Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston did a fair job for their respective performances. Back then, Jennifer was a nice individual, until she acted like a whiny bitch bashing over Marvel movies claiming their diminishing the film industry. Why did she have to be such a dumb beaver From now on her last name is dubbed, “Analston” because her colon is polluted. I want her to make a public apology, then I’ll call her Aniston.

Only two jokes made me laugh. One is Adam yelling “HOLY DEVLIN.” Somebody needs to make a meme off of film producer, Dean Devlin. Second joke I liked is in fact Adam is annoyed over Brooklyn Decker singing to NSYNC, which reminds me of that scene from “X2: X-Men United.”

Rachel Dratch (Debbie Downer off of SNL) makes a cameo appearance as a patient with a high eyebrow.

Allen Covert (One of Adam’s buddies) makes a cameo appearance.

Bad: Dennis Dugan (a member of Adam’s posse) did a poor job organizing the movie without thinking this through.

The jokes (except two I liked) felt stale as in expired Oreo’s. Adam’s material is the same style without adding a new flavor or come up with new magic tricks.

The little girl was extremely annoying using a British accent. She’s on the same level of annoyance as Jill Saddlestien from “Jack & Jill.”

Nick Swardson, a frequent collaborator of Adam, was also annoying. He uses a German accent to avoid suspicion. Him showing up, felt contrived. Why didn’t he call Adam or Analston he’s going with them on the trip?

Another contrived plot point is Nicole Kidman playing the real Devlin who somehow appears as Analston uses the name Devlin. They’re both enemies in the movie.

I never cared for Adam & Analston’s chemistry. It’s not as memorable as him & Drew Barrymore’s scenes from “The Wedding Singer.”

Brooklyn buys the fact Nick Swardson’s made up name is Dolph Lundgren. This couldn’t get any stupider. Isn’t it like James Bond infiltrating a villain’s secret hideout using the name Bart Simpson?

When the real Devlin shows up in an unexpected time, Nick attempts to drown Brooklyn. Doesn’t he realize there’s a lot of witnesses in or out of the pool? If this was real life, Adam’s cover could’ve been blown costing him a nasty break-up with Brooklyn.

The girl mentioned she wants to be the next Miley Cyrus. Oh god! Wait til’ she see’s Miley’s striptease as depicted in The 2013 MTV Music Awards.

Dave Matthews appears as Devlin’s boyfriend. He claims he invented Apple products. This is nonsensical. What about Steve Jobs who made this “company in a cave with a box of scraps” Did anybody get the quote from the first “Iron Man” movie?”

Oh jeez! Kevin Nealon as a Botox injected patient looks like a poor man’s version of Hush. A Batman villain who wears bandages to conceal is disfigured face. Kevin, whoever looks fugly in it.

The girl cries about Judi Dench not winning an Oscar. Really Happy Madison? Judi won “Best Supporting Actress” for “Shakespeare In Love.” Oh wait, Happy Madison is inconsistent to historical accuracy, because nearly everybody in this movie or in the Happy Madison Cinematic Universe is a complete moron.

Another inaccurate fact is Adam calling the little girl Dr. Dolittle. Isn’t Dolittle American? Has anybody seen Eddie Murphy’s movie?

As in many of Adam’s films, Product Placement is all over the place. Brands including Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Tiffany, Barney’s, Jimmy Choos, YSL & Vaio. (courtesy of Sony)

I got bored throughout the entire thing. I believe this movie was an excuse for Adam, his friends and family to go on vacation while filming.

A fake looking C.G.I. necklace isn’t realistic at all. Henry Cavill’s digitally removed mustache in “Justice League” is more authentic than this piece of crud.

After nearly an hour and a half of building up to the upcoming wedding, it’s never shown. Talk about a gutterball. What if the climatic battle from “The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King” never showed us an epic finale? Ever heard of the phrase “show don’t tell.”

The Final Verdict: F, FOR FAKER!

Like Jack & Jill, Just Go With It is considered to be one of Adam Sandler’s worst movies. This alongside the former film earned Adam numerous Razzies. If I were you, do not watch both movies. They will make you lose your sense of humor. Wanna watch a good comedy? How about The Muppets comeback film from 2011?

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