The Wrong Missy

It’s hard to make a comedy to make people laugh their butts off. Adam Sandler’s production company, “Happy Madison” had some movies I liked including “Mr. Deeds,” “Eight Crazy Nights,” “The Longest Yard,” & “Click.” The latter film was probably the last good Happy Madison related production until the company’s material declined. After “Pixels” failed to make a profit at the box office, Sony cuts ties with Adam and he later signed a deal with Netflix to help produce his movies and his buddies star in projects. Boy did they tank like a falling port-a-potty. Today’s review is “The Wrong Missy” starring Adam’s lifelong buddy, David Spade.

Like most of Happy Madison films, The Wrong Missy earned negative reviews from critics.

Today’s review contains SPOILERS. If you’re shockingly interested in watching this clunker, read at your own risk.

Right & Wrong Elements

Right: David Spade did a fair job for his performance.

Vanilla Ice makes a cameo appearance.

Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost) makes a cameo appearance as a passenger on an airplane. A possible reference to “Lost?”

Wrong: Missy is by far the worst character in this movie. Every time she does something stupid, it gets worse. She’s worse than Lola Bunny on Cartoon Network’s “The New Looney Tunes Show” when they made Lola psychotic. Gonna have to Triple Down this con due to the fact Missy is one of the most annoying characters next to Jar Jar Binks, Willie from “The Temple Of Doom & Rose Tico from “The Last Jedi.”

This movie wasted an hour and a half of my spare time. Think of the viewer being forced against his/her will watching The Wrong Missy using a device similar to the one from Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange.” There’s no escape unless you watch the entire movie against your will.

Good Gravy! A computer animated shark looked very fake. The effects from the “Sharknado” series are more detailed than this piece of crud!

After Missy falls off a cliff, how the actual fudge is she able to survive? When did she acquire Wolverine’s healing factor? This became an unfunny cartoon.

Is it me or does Nick Swardson kinda reminded me of Chris Christie going on a vacation to Hawaii?

The movie lacks a compelling three act structure. Nothing actually happens until the last thirty minutes moves the plot forward.

Like most of Happy Madison productions, I think this movie is an excuse for David to go on vacation with his pals Nick Swardson, Allen Covert & Rob Schneider.

None of the jokes weren’t funny. I did not laugh at every single joke. What were the writers doing hitting their heads on mud saying “I’m a woodpecker” like Ed from “Ed, Edd, N Eddy?”

Chemistry between Tim & Missy were unbalanced. They don’t seem compatible with one another. If this is as real life, Tim would dump Missy.

The TSA are so stupid they allow Missy to carry a Bowie Knife onboard an airplane. Oh that’s right it’s a Happy Madison production where almost everybody is a moron lacking common sense.

Tim & Missy become an official couple at the end. I’ll sum it up in one word, “WHYYYYYYY?!”

There’s no need to watch a scene during the end credits. It doesn’t set up a sequel. Thank god!

The Final Verdict: F, FOR FAKER!

The Wrong Missy is a misguided total cluster fudge lacking a compelling narrative, organic jokes, an annoying love interest, common sense, interesting characters among a few things wrong with this stinker. Do not, I repeat, do not watch this movie, it’ll waste your precious spare time! If you want to watch a proper comedy with better jokes and a legit story, go watch “Scoob,” on demand. Trust me, it’s really decent.

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