Nick’s Top 12 Film Controversies Of 2019

Hello my fellow movie goers from around the globe. Today’s editorial is a late arrival. I know everybody is having a difficult time because of the ongoing Coronavirus but I want to get something off my chest to discuss my real thoughts on Hollywood’s past year of controversies. I’ve handpicked twelve subjects I consider as some ranking from least to nasty. Ladies & Gentlemen this is my Top 12 List Of Film Controversies Of 2019. Why Top 12, because I don’t want to prevent another number from causing any bad luck.

Top 12 Film Controversies

12. Neal H. Moritz Files A Lawsuit Against Universal

Film Producer Neal H. Mortiz filed a lawsuit towards Universal due to a breach of oral contract when they removed him as lead producer. The truth is, Universal permanently booted him out from upcoming sequels linked to the franchise. I find this to be the least controversial. If it weren’t for him acting like a greedy brat, Neal would’ve stayed at Universal. This is my least controversial pick.

11. A Stuntman Wearing Blackface In “Good Boys”

Prior to Good Boys’ release, controversy spread across news websites when a stuntman is shown wearing blackface. This problem caused Seth Rogen (who produced the film) to make a public apology saying he’ll never do anything like this again. Hollywood still hasn’t learned their lesson about whitewashing since this was around during “The Golden Age Of Hollywood.” We need to remind ourselves not to repeat what was wrong back then is still wrong in current times. If you’re gonna hire a stuntman, make sure he resembles the actor, never apply blackface. Otherwise you’re screwed.

10. “Sonic The Hedgehog” & “Cats” Marketing

When Universal & Paramount Pictures released a teaser trailer for their individual movies based on a musical and a video game, audience members were mortified to witness the butt ugly C.G.I. Reactions were negative with many YouTubers like Joe Vargas/Angry Joe disliking both teasers. As a result, Universal polished effects. Unfortunately, Cats was critically panned and failed to make enough money at the box office ultimately winning a Razzie Award for “Worst Picture.” Paramount however, properly updated Sonic’s butt ugly design to faithfully resemble the Sonic we all know in love from the games. Unlike Cats, Sonic The Hedgehog made a lot of money yet I earned decent reviews.

My reaction to both trailers gave me a horrified look. This is why Cats needs to let the actors wear a costume and apply prosthetic make-up like the broadway musical. Closest thing to happen is in fact James Corden & Rebel Wilson showed up as their characters wearing actual costumes at “The 92nd Academy Awards,” Tom Hooper deserved a Razzie for robbing Christopher Nolan’s “Best Picture” & directing that god awful musical “Les Misérables.”

I’ve yet to see Sonic The Hedgehog. So far his design looks legit. Jim Carrey could pull some weight as Sonic’s archenemy Robot-Nik. I think both trailers should be used as a teachable lesson for marketing and not to screw up beloved icons.

9. “The Hunt” Postponed Due To Mass Shootings

Originally, “The Hunt” a satirical thriller poking fun at both far right and far left was supposed to be released in August 2019, until they it was postponed due to Dayton & El Paso Mass Shootings. In addition to postponing it, the film also generated controversy of anti-Trump supporters. I got nothing about this movie. All I know is Blumhouse wanted to find a proper release to avoid upsetting survivors of both shootings.

8. Disney Plus Removing A Blooper From “Toy Story 2”

In response to The Me Too Movement, Disney Plus removed a blooper from Toy Story 2 featuring Stinky Pete flirting with two Barbie dolls offering them a role for “Toy Story 3.” When I first learned about the news, I rolled my eyes over something ridiculously idiotic. I don’t see nothing wrong with this blooper, Pete was just being friendly, not whipping his dick out like Louis C.K. playing with himself in front of a bunch of women. Disney Plus doesn’t realize Kevin Spacey as Hopper from “A Bug’s Life” is in the outtakes and the entire film. I find that to be hypocritical when it comes to Disney not taking themselves seriously.

I can talk about Disney Plus all day, but I’m saving this for a special editorial of them acting like a bunch of hypocrites. Bill Cosby is in Robin Williams’ “Jack” in that god-awful flick is part of Disney Plus’ line-up. They’re lying to us without acknowledging the hypocrisy.

Now that Bob Chapek has officially replaced Bob Iger as CEO of Disney. Chapek could either make a public apology as a saint for making tons of mistakes under Iger’s control for raising ticket prices at Disneyland, lying to the public over their decision to remove a blooper from Toy Story 2, butchering the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy just to name a few, or he, Iger and the rest can continue jacking off to Jojo Siwa in reruns of “Dance Moms” on Lifetime. (which is owned by Disney) The choice is yours, make a public apology, or go to hell.

7. Depictions Of Bruce Lee & Sharon Tate In “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”

After Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood came out in theaters earning critical acclaim and making money at the box office, depictions of Bruce Lee & Sharon Tate resulted in controversy pissing off Bruce’s surviving relatives and friends including Shannon Lee, the daughter of Bruce, claimed Mike Moh’s portrayal of her late father felt disrespectful. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar also commented as “sloppy and somewhat racist way is a failure both as an artist and a human being.”

When I first watched Mike’s portrayal as Bruce, it felt authentic to the late icon’s personality. He was a bit cocky when it comes to fighting a worthy opponent from an autobiography titled “Bruce Lee: The Man I Only Knew” written by Bruce’s widow Linda. If Bruce’s friends and relatives really wanna feel pissed off, they should watch a negative portrayal of Bruce in “Dragon Ball” with Goku (as a kid) easily beating him. Sharon & Kareem, if you’re reading this editorial, quit your bitching and show some respect to Mr. Tarantino.

Margot Robbie’s portrayal as Sharon Tate on the other hand also stirred controversy when one interviewer question Quentin about Margot’s lack of lines pissing him off. This movie isn’t about Margot’s life story, it’s really about Leonardo DiCaprio & Brad Pitt’s characters trying to make it big in the film industry when Hollywood is rapidly changing while The Manson Family & Sharon Tate are in the background. Sharon’s surviving relatives approve of Margot’s performance and the movie honoring Sharon’s legacy without upsetting them.

In my opinion, I don’t think both Bruce Lee & Sharon Tate were butchered by Quentin, I think they felt accurate.

6. Brie Larson’s Comments On Diversity

Oh crud. This pissed a lot of people off when Brie Larson made comments about raising diversity. I swear to god I’m not lying, Brie wants less men and Caucasians in The Film Industry. Prior to Captain Marvel’s release, some fans boycotted the film for two reasons. One, Brie’s aforementioned comments, and her character is a controversial character who made the worst decisions affecting those close around her.

If I were Brie, I’d let everybody see a movie regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender and disability. As long as I don’t make a speech without saying negative comments towards a specific group. After Captain Marvel earned good reviews and made a billion at the box office, Brie will reprise her role in a future sequel. If she does something stupid, her actions will get her fired. Brie I have nothing against you so do me a favor and shut your damn mouth. You have to think before you act.

5. News Media Fearing “Joker” Would Inspire Real-World Violence

Before Joker came out, it generated controversy. News Media feared that this movie could’ve inspired real world violence similar to The 2012 Colorado Shooting at a midnight screening for “The Dark Knight Rises.” I know depiction of violence in movies, television and cartoons have been around for many years, but that doesn’t mean entertainment brainwashes a viewer.

I don’t wanna sound like a pretentious nut, but I blame poor parenting, mental illness and personal beliefs are the cause of a crime spree. Branches of The Entertainment Industry only make stories for an intended target audience. Family movies are for kids and parents, while darker and Hard R movies such as “Logan,” “Sin City,” “Watchmen” and Quentin Tarantino’s works are catered to a mature audience.

Regardless of controversy, Joker eventually earned a billion dollars at the box office becoming the first R-rated film to pass $1 billion and Joaquin Phoenix took home a Golden Globe, BAFTA, SAG & finally an Oscar. Did anybody rob a store wearing clown make-up? No, many fans and non-Batman fans recreated Joker’s infamous staircase scene.

Dear Journalists, focus on other real world issues such as The Economy, Climate Change, Environment, Political Corruption or anything not associated to movies causing real world violence.

4. Martin Scorsese Bashes Marvel Movies

At a lecture, Oscar winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese made negative comments on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He thinks each film lacks suspense, emotional drama and character development the audience can follow. He claims Marvel movies are like theme park rides to snatch wallets. Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, Apocalypse Now) claims Marvel movies are “despicable.” Remember when Marty was considered to direct Joker (a DC based film) with Leonardo DiCaprio prior to Todd Phillips & Joaquin Phoenix taking over the project? So his comments on Marvel makes him a hypocrite. I think Marty is acting like an attention seeking glory hound desperate to earn another Oscar. He’s being a whore. There’s a reason Ricky Gervais called him a short person not tall enough to ride a roller coaster.

Like Brie Larson not thinking this through over her comments on men, Marty needs to think before he says something about a specific topic to avoid upsetting a bunch of people. Same goes to Francis. If they don’t apologize, they’ll be shunned by movie goers no longer caring about their work.

3. Disney Lays Off 20th Century Fox Employees

We all know Disney bought 20th Century Fox for approximately $54.2 billion, the latter studio is no longer an independent company, it’s now under Disney’s control. What makes matters worse is in fact, a lot of employees at Fox were laid off as a result of Disney’s enormous purchase. All those hard working people are no longer a part of a company established since “The Golden Age Of Hollywood.” Think about the employees’ struggling to find a job to support their children’s future, paying bills, food, a paid vacation among a few things an individual needs and wants with a hard earned paycheck.

I hope anybody once associated with Fox can manage to bounce back acquiring a stable job. This is why Disney needs to keep some of the best workers in The Film Industry whom they can trust.

2. Sony & Disney’s Break-Up

After “Spider-Man: Far From Home” made a billion dollars at the box office as well as the highest grossing film distributed by Sony with the help of Disney. Both studios underwent a dispute over profit percentage whoever keeps a specific number. Their decision to separate their collaboration shocked many Spider-Man fans. Even Tom Holland was heartbroken over the news. After Disney & Sony reconcile to do another Spider-Man movie, Tom and many other fans were relived. Thank god both companies put their differences aside like a married couple’s relationship crumbling apart, then they apologized to each other to continue raising their child.

I was gonna put this on the top spot, but I had to put this as a runner-up. I looked back on each one fully realizing what the number one controversy of 2019 is considered to be worse than the others and a few dishonorable mentions.

Dishonorable Mentions

Countries banning a lesbian kissing scene from “The Rise Of Skywalker.”

Disney Plus’ adds Maclunky in “A New Hope.”

Robert De Niro accused of workplace harassment.

Funimation Audio Leaks

Backlash of Dave Chappelle’s “Sticks & Stones.”

Dakota Fanning falsely accused of whitewashing for her role in “Sweetness In The Belly.”

Kevin Spacey’s criminal charges dropped.

Female directors and screenwriters including Greta Gerwig snubbed at The 77th Golden Globes.

The Rise Of Skywalker’s reception.

Liam Neeson’s regretful past for being a racist.


Opening Scene from “Terminator: Dark Fate.”

Jussie Smollett’s false hate crime.

No host at “The 91st Academy Awards.”

1. “Leaving Neverland” & “Surviving R. Kelly”

My number one pick for the biggest controversy of 2019 is none other than a tie between “Leaving Neverland” & “Surviving R. Kelly.” The documentary with Michael Jackson skyrocketed about two men recalling their friendship with the late King Of Pop. It was when Michael Jackson was the biggest act in his prime making money, selling out concerts, dozens of records generated his income. All of this accumulated into buying Neverland Ranch. R. Kelly quickly rose to fame in The ’90s becoming a voice of a generation. Both men’s true intentions were exposed to the victims recalling their interactions. Surviving R. Kelly reveals several underaged women discuss about his relationships, it’s kinda screwed up.

If you haven’t seen both documentaries, you’re gonna be shocked. It didn’t surprise me because I already knew about their secrets. MJ’s 2005 Trial happened yet he got away with his crimes. R. Kelly had his trial in 2008, like MJ, he was acquitted.

Remember I mentioned The Simpsons episode with Michael Jackson banned on Disney Plus & syndicated television, why are some music stations playing his songs while R. Kelly’s is banned on radio stations with the hashtag #muterkelly? It’s very hypocritical. MJ is dead while that son of a bitch who violated many girls is fighting for his life. Does the interview with Gayle King ring any bells? It’s about time the women stand up for themselves, they deserve better lives.

So that’s all I got for My Top 12 Controversies Of 2019. I hope The Coronavirus can go away. We need to stay home until a cure is developed.

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