Hello my fellow movie goers from around the world. Today’s review is a special one. We’re going through a current predicament, due to an ongoing epidemic known as The Coronavirus/COVID-19. As you all know, we’re staying indoors to prevent the virus from getting worse. Doctors are doing everything they can to create a cure. All we can do is stay home and never make contact to anyone sick, which means don’t touch your face. I’ve decided to look back at a movie directed by Steven Soderbergh (The Ocean’s Trilogy, Traffic, Logan Lucky) called, “Contagion.”

Contagion was released in 2011. (the exact same year I graduated high school) It received positive reviews from critics and movie goers alike. In addition to good reception, it also made enough revenue at the box office. Nine Years Later, the film sparked a resurgence due to the aforementioned Coronavirus/COVID-19 spreading across the world. To this day, it’s shockingly relevant when everybody is forced to stay home to prevent further people from becoming infected. The Cast live streamed a message for the population to not go outside until a potential cure is developed.

The following review doesn’t contain any potential SPOILERS. Feel free to read my non-spoiler article, I’ll give anybody a chance to see Contagion. Is it legit or a dud? Time to find out shall we?

Healthy & Unhealthy Aspects

Healthy: The Main Cast such as Matt Damon, Marion Cotillard, Jude Law Laurence Fishburne, Kate Winslet, Bryan Cranston, Elliott Gould, Jennifer Egle, Sanaa Lathan & Gwyneth Paltrow all did an excellent job for their respective performances.

Steven Soderbergh did a great job directing the film.

Cinematography was shot carefully without suffering from a bad case of excessive shaky cam.

Prior to the coronavirus, Steven actually did some research on diseases influenced by real world epidemics such as The 2001 Anthrax Scare and The 2003-2004 SARS Epidemic.

Primary Themes for the film are Mass Hysteria, Separation, Conspiracy, Misinformation, Isolation & Health. Each one is handled maturely, not played for laughs.

Social Media & Online Blogging also play pivotal roles now reflecting the way we FaceTime/Skype our close friends and relatives.

The Soundtrack has an electronic score (not in a Daft Punk way) matching the atmosphere. Reminded me of John Carpenter’s soundtracks from his works.

Somebody mentioned “social distancing.” It’s pretty scary that this movie is ahead of its time.

Although not labeled a horror film, the film has some uncomfortable moments that’ll make you want to stay home.

Each character serves a purpose whether it’s staying in quarantine or doctors working countless days for an antidote.

The source of the virus (labeled as MEV-1 virus) is revealed. If you’ve seen it, you probably know by now.

Unhealthy: To be honest with you fellas, I couldn’t spot nothing wrong. I’m giving The Cast & Crew an Extra Point for making a movie as flawless as they can.

The Final Verdict: A, FOR APEX!

Today, Contagion is used as a teachable lesson for people who need to wash their hands, never touch your face, stay away from anybody who’s sick and use social media via FaceTime or Skype to see your friends or family as the closest thing to see them in person. If you’re curious to see Contagion, I strongly recommend it.

As a reminder, all we can do know is stay home, gather enough food, water, hand soap, sanitizer, toilet paper, body wash among a few needs, until a potential cure is developed. If this works, everything will be back to normal. Have faith my fellow movie goers. Stay safe.

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