After making several stinkers like “The Happening,” “The Last Airbender” & “After Earth,” director, M. Night Shyamalan released a film titled “Split.” It became a sleeper hit among critics, movie goers & made money at the box office. Split defibrillated M. Night’s career for the first time since my personal favorite Shyamalan film, “Unbreakable.” Sorry folks, I think “Signs” in my opinion was a disappointment foreshadowing M. Night’s later films.

Glass is currently out in theaters nationwide. Unlike its predecessors, the third installment earned mixed reviews from critics. So far, it’s making revenue at the box office.

The following review contains very important SPOILERS. If you’ve never seen Unbreakable, Split & Glass, read at your very own risk. Is the latest installment of M. Night’s superhero trilogy that legit? Well let’s find out shall we?

Mighty & Weak Aspects

Mighty: Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis & James McAvoy reprise their roles and they all did a fantastic job for their respective performances.

Fun Fact: Kevin was originally gonna be the antagonist of Unbreakable, but M. Night scrapped him out due to not factoring into the story.

Spencer Treat Clark & Anya Taylor-Joy reprise their roles as Joseph Dunn (David’s son) & Casey Cooke from separate entries of the first two films.

Sarah Paulson did a great job for her performance as Dr. Ellie Staple. A psychiatrist who treats her patients who think they’re superheroes & supervillians.

Practical Effects were heavily used to demonstrate David & Kevin’s special abilities.

David’s official codename is, “The Overseer.” Maybe M. Night is a fan of the Fallout video game series.

The First Act felt strong with David Dunn tracking the location of Kevin’s warehouse.

Fight Scenes between David & The Beast was the main highlight as we finally get to see hero & villain’s battle.

Like the first film, comic books serve as a plot element to describe its tropes.

Deleted Scenes from Unbreakable are told in flashbacks.

Robin Wright’s character Audrey Dunn died of leukemia between the events of Unbreakable & Split. It was the closest thing for an emotional impact for David & Joseph.

An actual Plot Twist reveals Kevin’s father, who was on the exact same train as David. The train crash is the one that David survived in, but Kevin’s father didn’t.

Kevin dies from a gunshot wound. His slow yet painful death was dignified. Each of his personalities bid Casey a farewell.

My favorite line is “We almost got ya bro!” One of Kevin’s personalities (acting like a frat boy) said that line.

Kevin’s personalities also return including The Beast, Hedwig, Patricia, Barry & Dennis. Each one felt unique yet funny. Hedwig is the one who made me laugh saying his catchphrase, “Etcetera.”

Mr. Glass also gets killed after The Beast fatally crushed his fragile bones. He & Kevin were the only characters to have an emotional death.

Weak: M. Night Shyamalan did an underwhelming job for writing, co-producing & directing his long awaited sequel.

Mr. Glass’ grandmaster plan was to expose superhero’s existing in the public eye. First of all, I find it as a Plot Hole, due to the fact there’s Facebook, Twitter & YouTube to capture footage of David or anybody wearing a colorful outfit. All I can say is, “What The Helen Of Troy Aikman did I just watch?!”

How the actual heck did David end up being placed at the asylum. There’s never a scene of him getting knocked out by the authorities or a special tranquilizer dart to pierce through his skin. M. Night if you’re reading this article, ever heard of the arc words in show biz: “Show, Don’t Tell?”

The Second Act lasted way too long. I thought this movie was gonna be like Batman: Arkham Asylum with David fighting The Beast & Mr. Glass.

The Plot Twist turns out to be a secret organization whose goal is to eradicate superheroes from existing. Dr. Staple is also a member of the club. In my opinion, I thought the twist felt weak. Who or where did they come from? My brain feels itchy upon witnessing Staple’s agenda.

M. Night wasted a golden opportunity to reveal a decent Plot Twist with David’s son who inherited his father’s gifts. It would’ve been effective to see father & son battle two supervillains.

Casey never appeared that much. Come on M. Night, she’s the sole survivor of the second movie! She ain’t James Marsden as Cyclops, because every time he shows up in an X-Men movie, his role is reduced to a tiny pebble!

David gets killed via drowning from a small puddle in the most insulting way instead of an emotional dignified death scene, because David is the beacon of opening the gates for encouraging other costumed heroes to come out and fight crime. I have to Double Down this flaw for M. Night not properly honoring David’s death. “Old Yeller” had an emotional tragic death scene! David’s the lead character of The Unbreakable Trilogy FOR BIG PETE’S SAKE not The Aliens from Signs who died from water!

Speaking of heroes, nobody outside David never showed up operating day or night by apprehending a suspect, rescuing a citizen from a car accident, saving people from a burning building etc. Glass takes place 19 years after Unbreakable,why didn’t a single superhero arrive in time to help David combat The Beast instead of dicking around at home like Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire & Raven do in every episode of Teen Titans Go? Dr Staple never explained if other superheroes were dead. So many questions left unanswered.


In my opinion, Glass is a disappointing finale of M. Night’s Unbreakable Trilogy. It’s a shame M. Night never concluded Glass as Christopher Nolan’s Batman swan song, “The Dark Knight Rises.” M. Night is the latest filmmaker to release an underwhelming threequel since Sam Raimi’s final Spider-Man movie. If you want to see a better superhero film, go watch Aquaman or Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

Rumor has it M. Night is eager to work on a Marvel or DC related project. It’s a 50/50 chance to recapture his “lightning in a bottle” back when he made The Sixth Sense & Unbreakable. Who knows, all we can do is cross our fingers and see what happens in the future.

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