Sherlock Gnomes (Paramount’s Flops Vol. 1 #4)

In 2011, “Gnomeo & Juliet,” loosely based on William Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet,” opened in theaters worldwide. It earned mixed reviews from critics and made money at the box office. Seven Years Later, a follow up based on Sherlock Holmes focuses on a mystery element set in the same universe as Gnomeo & Juliet. For no explanation, the film was green-lit as Paramount Animation’s first movie after Touchstone Pictures is no longer involved, due to George Lucas’ project, “Strange Magic,” failed to make a profit.

Sherlock Gnomes was released in March, 2018. It received negative reviews from critics. Despite poor reception, the film managed to make enough money at the box office. Although it recouped its expenses, Sherlock Gnomes made less money than Gnomeo & Juliet.

Now that Sherlock Gnomes is nominated at the upcoming “39th Golden Raspberry Awards,” Johnny Depp is a candidate for “Worst Actor” for his role as the title character. Johnny is losing his dignity for starring in stinkers or disappointments he’s in like “Mordecai,” “The Lone Ranger,” “Alice In Wonderland” & “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald.” Johnny ain’t alone, Will Ferrell is also nominated for Worst Actor as Sherlock Holmes in “Holmes & Watson.”

Today’s review contains big fat SPOILERS. If you have not seen this movie, read at your own risk.

Good & Bad Aspects

Good: James McAvoy, Emily Blunt, Maggie Smith & Michael Caine reprise their roles from the first film. They did a fair job for their performances.

Johnny Depp & Chiwetel Ejiofor both did a pretty good job for their performances as Sherlock Gnomes & Dr. Watson.

Fun Fact: Both Johnny & Chiwetel also worked with fellow Sherlock actor, Benedict Cumberbatch in separate films. Johnny starred in “Black Mass” & Chiwetel co-starred in “Dr. Strange.”

The Animation looked pretty darn good. Every detail in the background & foreground felt polished. I feel bad for the animators that they had to participate in this project to support their friends & loved ones.

Elton John’s music from the first film, comes back.

A “Wilhelm Scream” is used when Watson gets smashed into pieces.

A pug chases Sherlock & Juliet disguised as a squirrel. Pugs are my favorite breed of dog.

One of the gnomes wanted The Lone Ranger to be a potential story in gnome form. Johnny Depp was also in Disney’s The Lone Ranger portraying Tonto.

One joke involving nepotism managed to give me a chuckle.

Bad: Mankini (not a joke, that’s really his name) from the first film, returns. No kid is gonna get that Borat reference.

The Gnomes living in our world is a rip-off of Toy Story.

The humor in this film is not funny at all. It’s cringeworthy from start to finish. My laugh count ended in one.

The film wasted a perfectly good Plot Twist with Watson as a designated villain. Turns out to be none other than Moriarty. I would’ve bought Watson as the antagonist, fed up with his partnership.

Sherlock’s archenemies, Professor Moriarty is depicted as a humanoid pie. What I just witnessed, indicates what I’m about to watch, is gonna make my brain cells die.

As Sherlock confronts Moriarty, the latter character takes a selfie. What kind of moran does that while on a crime spree?

London News gave a special report about missing gnomes. The Cops weren’t available because they don’t have time for this reported crime. If you’re part of a law enforcement agency, it doesn’t matter. You gotta find stolen property. No police officer would never refuse to investigate stolen properly in real life.

A London News reporter said, “This looks like a job for Sherlock Gnomes!” Let me get this straight, The Gnomes exist in the human world while our world is unaware that Gnomes co-exist. Why did The News mentioned Sherlock on TV? Is it me, or did the screenwriters smoked weed, causing them to forget the mythology of two worlds existing separately? I have to Double Down this Plot Hole for making me feel incredibly stupid! I would assume that every human is oblivious to gnomes coming to life!

Another Plot Hole involving Sherlock & Juliet disguising themselves as a squirrel. Remember The London News stated that living gnomes co-exist in our world? What’s the point of going incognito if you already exist in an exotic world? Good lord this movie is contracting itself. Is every human a bunch of potheads?

After Romeo accidentally triggered an alarm while stealing a flower at a shop, Juliet somehow managed to show up by helping him escape. Here’s the problem, how the heck did Juliet quickly made it to the flower shop? Did she used Goku’s (from Dragon Ball Z) “Instant Transmission” to teleport?

Mary J. Blidge’s character, Irene Adler felt underused. Rachel McAdams had more prominence in Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes.

A dance number with Irene, has nothing to do with the plot whatsoever.

Very few scenes from the trailer are missing such as Mankini farting in a mud puddle, Gnomeo saying, “No ship Sherlock.” Those were the only good jokes besides the nepotism bit.

Jason Statham’s character, Tybalt is M.I.A. (missing in action) Nobody mentioned him.I guess Tybalt went on to hunt down “The Meg” or teaming up with The Rock in the upcoming “The Fast & The Furious” spin-off titled, “Hobbs & Shaw.”

The Final Verdict: D-

Sherlock Gnomes is a convoluted mess insulting viewers intelligence. I’m one of the people who insulted by this movie. If you want to see a faithful adaptation of the title character, I highly recommend Robert Downey Jr. & Benedict Cumberbatch’s interpretations.

Toy Story 4 better meet my expectations. I’m counting on Pixar to make a decent animated film without a gnome wearing a Borat swimsuit.

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