Life Of The Party (WB’s Flops Vol. 1 #9)

After finishing and releasing “Tammy” & “The Boss,” spouse duo, Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone begin their third collaboration inspired by the premise from Rodney Dangerfield’s Back To School. Melissa plays a recently divorced mother who decides to go back to college and finish her degree. The third entry to Melissa & Ben’s film is called, “Life Of The Party.”

Life Of The Party earned mixed reviews from critics and normally making enough money at the box office while its competitor, Avengers: Infinity War is taking home more than a billion dollars worldwide. Is it as good or bad as Tammy & The Boss? Well, let’s find out shall we?

This review doesn’t reveal any crucial SPOILERS. Feel free to read this article if you haven’t seen the film yet. My article is also gonna be short, because there’s nothing else to find unless it’s an epic film or something I despise or managed to make me feel disappointed.

Positives & Negatives

Positive: Melissa McCarthy did a laugh out loud performance. Plus, she also co-wrote the script with her husband.

Melissa’s real life husband, Ben Falcone makes a cameo appearance.

Besides Melissa making me laugh, Maya Rudolph also managed to make me laugh.

Fun Fact: Melissa McCarthy & Maya Rudolph reunite in this film. They worked together in Bridemaids.

Other Cast Members including Gillian Jacobs, Molly Gordon, Julie Bowen, Chris Parnell, (Jerry from Rick & Morty) Shannon Purser, (Barb from Stranger Things) Debby Ryan, Jacki Weaver & Stephen Root all did a stable job on their performances.

Humor has some decent jokes that worked well, while a few can be cringeworthy. Perhaps the funniest moment involves a paddle. If you know what I mean.

Cinematography is normal without going though technical problems.

A Plot Twist is used to reveal a character related to someone else. I have to admit, I did not see that coming. I’ll give it an Extra Point for executing a big reveal realistically.

A famous singer makes a cameo appearance. I’ll give you a hint, he/she is a former Mickey Mouse Clubhouse member.

One character referenced Han Solo & Star Wars. It won’t be long til’ the upcoming Han Solo spin-off starring Alden Ehrenreich will be out in May 25th!

Deanna earns Character Development by overcoming a specific type of “fear.” I don’t wanna day but you’re gonna have to see for yourself. You’ll crack up laughing your butt off.

Negative: A few characters spoke loudly in the library.

Another nit pick I’ve added is when two characters did “something” in the library.  There weren’t any witnesses present in the area. In real life, the witness would’ve been present and the person who did “something” could’ve gotten permanently suspended.

The main reason why Melissa McCarthy’s character Deanna went back to college is obviously too similar to Rodney Dangerfield’s character Thornton Melon. Both lead characters get a divorce and decide to spend time with their only child as they try rock finish their education after quitting school. I think the inciting incident could’ve been better just to remove a divorce element and replace with something brand new for a change.  

The Final Verdict: B-

Life Of The Party is another typical average comedy with funny moments that’ll make you laugh. Melissa McCarthy did a hilarious job on her performance alongside Maya Rudolph. I have to admit, it’s not on the same level as Back To School. It could’ve been better if it went with an original conflict much like Inside Out was its own thing and it didn’t have to rip-off 99 percent of Osmosis Jones’ story elements.

If you’ve already seen Infinity War, give Life Of The Party a watch and to keep you patient until Deadpool 2 & Star Wars: Solo come out in May 18 & May 25. Don’t forget to mark the following release dates on your calendars! Or perhaps watch Back To School is you want to compare this and Life Of The Party.

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