Thunder Force

“Thunder Force” is currently streaming on Netflix. It received negative reviews from critics and streamers alike. This review contains SPOILERS. If you’re interested in watching this movie, read at your own risk. Keep in mind, this is a short review. This particular superhero film isn’t a grand scope epic like “The Dark Knight Trilogy” or […]

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Life Of The Party

After finishing and releasing “Tammy” & “The Boss,” spouse duo, Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone begin their third collaboration inspired by the premise from Rodney Dangerfield’s Back To School. Melissa plays a recently divorced mother who decides to go back to college and finish her degree. The third entry to Melissa & Ben’s film is […]

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Flashback Review: Charlie’s Angels

In the 1970s, a television series called “Charlie’s Angels” aired on ABC. The Premise is about three female undercover detectives/spies working for their boss Charlie (whose face is never seen throughout the show, similar to Ms. Bellum’s face from The Powerpuff Girls) to go on a specific mission to solve a crime. The series gained […]

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