Game Night

The Premise for Game Night, is about a husband and wife (played by Jason Bateman & Rachel McAdams) who invite their friends over over for a game night. Suddenly, it becomes a life or death mystery involving a missing person connected to the group.

The following review doesn’t contain any potential SPOILERS. You are allowed to read this article if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

Winner: Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Jesse Plemons, Jeffery Wright & Kyle Chandler all did a great job on their respective performances.

Use of Dark Humor managed to make me laugh so hard in an uncontrollable way as long as my lungs are healthy to allow me to catch a breath. Otherwise, I’d be coughing like Patty & Selma from The Simpsons.

Without giving too much away, I think my favorite part of the film has something to do with a cute puppy who ends up in the whole shenanigans.

Directors, John Francis Daley & Johnathan Goldstein both make brief appearances in the film.

Cinematography doesn’t contain excessive use of Shaky Cam nor Dutch Angles present throughout. Thank goodness a cameraman didn’t consume too much energy drinks.

One scene pays an homage to The Climatic Battle from The Incredibles & The Opening Sequence from the pilot episode to Lost which has something to do with an aircraft. If you know what I mean.

Max makes a few Marvel references including Iron Man & Hulk. Rachel McAdams co-starred with Eric Bana in The Time Traveler’s Wife, Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes & worked with Benedict Cumberbatch in Dr. Strange, he also portrayed Sherlock Holmes. Don’t forget that the directors of Game Night also wrote the screenplay for Spider-Man: Homecoming. I gotta love inside-jokes. I’m gonna assume that Deadpool or Freakazoid was hired to do some uncredited writing.

The movie pokes fun of an important Plot Twist cranked up to 11. I won’t tell you what it is you’re gonna have to see for yourself. It’s as if the movie is self-aware!

Characters are memorable including Jesse Plemons’ character, Gary & Ryan, who’s the simpleton of the group, plus he’s not an annoying idiot on the same level as Willie from Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom.

My favorite line in the film is, “Yes, oh no he died!”

Stick around during The End Credits as it shows how the main conflict was set up in the first place.

Loser: Product Placement featuring certain brands including Tostitos, IPhone. I’m gonna give this flaw a pass, because I couldn’t find any other brands besides two I’ve spotted.

The Final Verdict: A, FOR APEX!

In my opinion, Game Night is a funny as heck dark comedy filled with a bunch of laughs that’ll make it difficult for you to keep a straight face. I’d never expected this movie to be one of the best dark comedies since Deadpool. If you’re looking for a movie to keep you invested with humor, mystery elements & memorable characters, I strongly recommend this movie as an alternate choice to watch if you’ve already seen Black Panther.

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