American Made

During The 1980’s, crime rate drastically increased involving drugs. Notorious Drug Kingpin, Pablo Escobar, was a powerful Columbian criminal earning billions of dollars by distributing cocaine, causing the U.S. government to investigate Escobar’s crime ring. Because of the war involving cocaine. President Ronald Regan and his wife, Nancy, send a televised message to the people on why drugs can effect an individual, friends, their loved ones, and eventually death from drug addiction. Nancy Reagan ends the message by saying her legendary words of wisdom, “Just say no!” This encouraged citizens to raise awareness involving drugs.

Beginning in the early 80’s, a pilot named Barry Seal, was recruited by The Central Intelligence Agency, (CIA for short) to go undercover as a drug smuggler for Pablo Escobar’s product involving cocaine earning him and Escobar a lot of money. As the years go by, The CIA gets closer to their enemy, due to Seal’s involvement. This historical event went on to become a movie called American Made.

American Made reunites Tom Cruise & Doug Liman, since they worked on Edge Of Tomorrow. The movie was released earlier in The U.K. with an August release date, prior to a U.S. release date, which is September 29. It received positive reviews from critics and movie goers.

The following review contains no SPOILERS, which means you’re ok to view it.

Cha-Ching: Tom Cruise did a fantastic job for his performance as Barry Seal. I’ll give him Bonus Points, because he stated on an interview that he did all of his own flying for the film, due to the fact that flying a plane is one of his hobbies and he’s also a licensed pilot in real life. By the way, this is the third time he played a spy. First the Mission Impossible franchise, Knight & Day, and American Made.

Other Cast Members such as Domhall Gleeson, (Brandon Gleeson’s son) Jesse Plemons, & Jed Rees, all did a good job for their performances.

Fun Fact: Tom Cruise also worked with Domhall Gleeson’s father in Mission Impossible II, and Edge Of Tomorrow. I guess he and Gleeson are good friends to let his kid participate in this film.

Besides this movie being based on a true story, it’s also based on a book called, “Who Killed Barry Seal” “Pablo Escobar, Or George H.W. Bush?”

Similar to Netflix’s Narcos, the film is partly told in a documentary-esque format with Seal narrating about his career as a double agent for The CIA and smuggling drugs for Pablo Escobar across the globe.

Archive Footage featuring pivotal moments of Pablo Escobar’s drug running days, and don’t forget Nancy Reagan’s infamous line that I’ve mentioned earlier.

Despite being a biographical crime film, this picture also contains elements of comedy, but not in a ridiculous over the top way.

A future president of The U.S. makes a cameo appearance.

Broke: Most of The Cinematography contains a lot of Shaky Cam throughout the entire duration of the picture. Seriously, did Doug Liman accidentally hired Hammy The Squirrel (from Over The Hedge) to film the whole thing? Come on man, you were responsible for making Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Edge Of Tomorrow!

Seal’s crew members or associates, are somehow forgettable. (besides JB, his brother-in-law) I don’t recall their names.

The Final Verdict: B as in BADA BING!

In my opinion, I thought the film was great. Seeing Cruise & Liman teaming up again was like another home run for the both of them. Cruise has once again, made another hit, he’s not a has-been. If you don’t have any plans for the week with your extra cash, I recommend it for those who are Cruisers like me. (fan name for anyone who’s a Tom Cruise fan)

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