Cult Of Chucky

The Premise for Cult Of Chucky, is set after the events of Curse Of Chucky. Charles Lee Ray/Chucky, has return to hunt down his new enemy, Nica. This time she’s been sent to an asylum, claiming that Chucky was responsible for his crimes. Nobody believes her, as a result, she’s been transferred to the asylum for being “delusional.” When Chucky arrives, it all becomes a mad house.

Cult Of Chucky has received positive reviews from long time fans of Chucky and critics are calling this the Fast Five of the Child’s Play series. Similar to Curse, Cult is the second film to be released on DVD/Blu-Ray. To this day, I’m still confused on why it didn’t get a worldwide theatrical release date.

The following article doesn’t feature any SPOILERS. You are allowed to read all about it. If you haven’t seen every single Child’s Play film, this is a requirement, because there will be sevaral callbacks to previous films.

Positive & Negative Aspects

Positive: Returning Cast Members from previous entries such as Fiona Dourif, (Brad Dourif’s real life daughter) Alex Vincent, & Jennifer Tilly, all did a great job on their respective performances.

Brad Dourif reprises his role as Chucky. Once again, he did an excellent job for his perfomance. If Chucky is getting reboot, it’s gonna be extremely hard to replace Dourif, he was born to play the role.

The Tone for this follow up, continues to be darker likes its predecessor, Curse Of Chucky, with a touch of black comedy.

Death Scenes are far much gorier than previous films of the series. For those who have a weak stomach, prepare yourself with a barf bag, it’s gonna be a bloodbath.

Cinematography was shot carefully. I’ll have you know that there are very few Dutch Angles, and they were used effectively during an uncomfortable moments.

According to Don Mancini, (creator of Chucky) the seventh installment is influenced by Inception, and Shutter Island, to match the atmosphere for the asylum. Inception is one of my favorite movies.

A Plot Twist involves the entire events of the movie. If I were you, don’t look up spoilers. I’m glad that The Marketing for the picture didn’t accidentally reveal a huge Plot Point, if they did, I would’ve boycotted previews for revealing too much detail.

Without giving too much away, Andy delivers his pre-kill one liner from the first film. I’ll have to give his line a bunch of Bonus Points as a callback to remember the good ol’ days.

If you haven’t seen this movie, you’re gonna be shocked at the end. Trust me, you’re gonna freak out. I’ll have to admit, it was unpredictable.

There’s a Post-Credits Scene with another familiar face. I won’t tell you who it is, you’ll have to see it for yourself.

Negative: A plot element from Bride Of Chucky is brought up, and it got me cringing. If you’ve seen Bride, you’ll probably understand why it has something to do with voodoo. I thought we want to pretend this didn’t happened.

The Final Verdict: A-

My real opinion about Cult Of Chucky, is pretty summed up in one word. AWESOME! This movie is another home run for the Child’s Play franchise. If you don’t have anything else to do, I highly recommend this 7th entry. What are you waiting for, go buy it on DVD/Blu-Ray! You’ll be very satisfied! Come Hollywood, what’s wrong with you, why didn’t you release Cult as a worldwide theatrical release? Seriously! Were you not entertained with the script? Chucky’s reputation isn’t dead, he’s still glowing! Take notes producers, take notes!

Rumors speculate that Mancini is working on an 8th entry set in space, and a possible crossover with Chucky going head to head with Freddy Krueger. Let’s see if Mancini is gonna take the franchise up to eleven. Only time will tell. Hollywood if you’re reading this article, please make a Cinematic Universe involving Horror Icons including Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Chucky, & Pinhead, crossing over together. If you do, all the Horror fans are gonna be incredibly happy. Don’t do it for the money, do it for all the movie goers across the globe.

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