Child’s Play 3

Fresh from working on the first two Child’s Play movies, Universal Pictures pressured series creator Don Mancini, to immediately write another follow up to Child’s Play 2. Creatively exhausted  but with no other choice, Mancini began writing Child’s Play 3. Universal green litted the script and announced a release date one year later. Not kidding a year after the release of Child’s Play 2. That’s way too soon to come up with a sequel without properly constructing new ideas.

Child’s Play 3 was released in 1991. The film didn’t make this much money as its other two predecessors and sadly, it received negative reviews.

Mancini himself stated he disowned the third installment because he ran out of ideas. Come on Universal, give the guy a break! Brad Dourif himself also stated that this film is his least favorite Chucky film out of all of them.

The following article contains SPOILERS. Read at your very own risk!

Pros: Brad Dourif reprises his role as Charles Lee Ray/Chucky and once again, he did a great job on his performance.

Fun Fact: Peter Jackson turned down the opportunity to direct Child’s Play 3. He and Brad Dourif eventually worked together on The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.

Chucky is resurrected in a creative way with a combination of his blood and liquid material to create a brand new doll.

Practical Effects and Stunt Doubles were used to bring the doll to life.

We get to see how Chucky got his face messed up in the first place, prior to his appearance in Bride Of Chucky. Near the end, he resembles Harvey Dent/Two-Face from Batman.

The funniest line in the movie is when Chucky confronts Andy by saying, “Just think, Chucky’s gonna be you’re bro!”

As I’ve mentioned before from my previous review for Child’s Play 2, unsympathetic characters are killed by Chucky, which means Chucky unintentionally becomes a hero. Makes you wanna root for the bad guy.

The Climax gets better with an amusement park setting.

Chucky’s demise was the only good part of the movie besides his witty one linear I’ve mentioned before.

Cons: Similar to the second film, Unlikable one dimensional characters without redeeming qualities such as Lt. Colonial Sheldon, I understand this is a military school were you have to man up, but this guy takes it way too far by pulling harsh pranks on his peers and at one point when Andy tries to save Tyler from Chucky, Sheldon punches him in the gut and orders him back to his training session.

A Creepy Barber who seems to enjoy his job too much.

There has never been a scene with Chucky infiltrating his way to Andy’s room. Mancini, did he use a voodoo spell to temporarily become invisible? Please explain why!?

Whenever Andy encounters Chucky, their confrontation is put into a halt when Sheldon enters the picture. It’s as if Nancy from Nightmare On Elm St. suddenly wakes up without confronting Freddy Krueger during the grand finale.

The Military School setting for the third entry, felt outta place, and lack of focus for a Chucky related film.

An unnecessary shove it in your face romance between Andy and Kristin. I barley know anything about her. The romance between Chucky & Tiffany in the next film has more chemistry than this contrived element!

Death Scenes weren’t brutal enough, except for Chucky’s demise.

The Final Verdict: D for DOG POOP!

My real thought about this film, is the second weakest film of the series. Seed Of Chucky is much worse. If you want to prep up for Cult Of Chucky, try to give a watch because all of the Chucky films are officially canon including Bride & Seed.

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