1983 had a lot of notable films including Return Of The Jedi, National Lampoon’s Vacation, The Outsiders, Sudden Impact, Risky Business,  The Dead Zone etc.

One film that came out in December, is none other than “Scarface.” The movie made enough revenue at the box office, however at the time of its release, it received negative reviews from critics, except for a few famous people including Siskel & Ebert who gave the film Four Stars with a Two Thumbs Up approval, Cher liked it from beginning to end and legendary director, Martin Scorsese heavily praised it.

A few celebs hated Scarface including Lucille Ball John Irving, Kurt Vonnegut, and one of my favorite movie critics, Leonard Martin also hated it.

As the years went on, it became a Cult Classic to movie goers, as well as Hip-Hop culture. Later reception has led the film to become a critically acclaimed masterpiece.

Fun Fact: This is Eminem’s favorite movie of all time. If it weren’t for Scarface, Slim Shady would’ve never existed in the first place.

A Remake has been confirmed by Universal Pictures. The Coen Brothers were hired to write the script for the upcoming film soon to be released in 2018.

This Movie contains no SPOILERS. You’re free to read it, just in case if you haven’t seen it

Positive: The Performances from Michelle Phieffer, Robert Loggia, and of course Al Pacino for his unforgettable legendary performance as Tony Montana.

The Dialogue written by Academy Award Winner Oliver Stone, (Platoon, Wall Street, Natural Born Killers) is very memorable. One of the most quotable movies of all time. The Academy Awards shoulda gave him an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Character Development involving Tony’s rise to power both professionally and personally.

Without giving anything away, The Big Gunfight was a bloody massacre.

The Muscial Score by Giorgio Moroder.

Catchy Tunes from the 1980’s. Bonus Points for Elizabeth Daily (yep, the voice of Tommy Pickles & Buttercup) contributing to the soundtrack with two of her songs featured in the soundtrack.

The Cinematography was decent.

If you haven’t see the entire film, you’re gonna love The Climax.

Negative: I couldn’t find anything negative to point out. Its one those movies that are flawless.

The Final Verdict: A as in APEX.

This is considered in my opinion, the best film released in 1983, if I were around in the 80’s, I woulda ranked it number 1 on my Top 12 Movies Of The Year. I also later found out that the film got snubbed by The Academy but instead, Terms Of Endearment won Best Picture. No wonder The Oscars are such a buzzkill like Debbie Downer from SNL!

If you still own a PS3 or Xbox, (the original)  go out and buy the video game called Scarface: The World Is Yours. Trust me, you’re gonna have a fun experience with this game along with the movie.

Let us hope that The Coen Brothers better not screw this up. At least they have some experience on remaking the John Wayne movie, True Grit, look how that turned out.

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