The Mummy (2017)

In response to the critical & box office success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, major Hollywood studios are attempting to replicate the success of the Marvel movies.

The following studios including Warner Bros. Pictures began to plant their own seeds on featuring characters from D.C. Comics along with another separate one called MonsterVerse depicting Kaiju Monsters like Godzilla. Paramount Pictures are planning to merge Hasbro properties into their own world building franchise. Last but not least, Universal Pictures at first we’re gonna restart the Universal Monsters series starting with Dracula Untold, unfortunately it didn’t do so well, this time they’re redoing it by rebooting The Mummy.

This film is suppose to kickstart the monster movies again. Believe or not, Universal Pictures was the first to establish a cinematic universe since the 1930’s.

Many movie critics are bashing this picture including a 17% on Rotten Tomatoes, wow that’s pretty harsh for a film to be considered very bad.

The following review contains no SPOILERS, which means you’re allowed to read it. I’ll try to do my best to see why the critics are being so fuzzy.

Brilliant: The Performances by Tom Cruise, (my favorite 2nd actor) Russell Crowe, and Sofia Boutella.

Character Development involving Tom Cruise’s character Nick Morton.

From now on when an actor plays a character sharing my first name, it counts as an extra point.

The Opening Sequence starts properly to introduce the titular antagonist and her motivation that drives the plot forward.

The Action Scenes & Stunts were organic including the zero gravity plane scene, and a fight between Nick Morton & another iconic monster besides The Mummy herself.

The Visual Effects drastically improved and don’t look fake like an Nintendo 64 game.

Easter Eggs featuring infamous monsters from the Universal Monsters franchise.

The line, “Welcome To A New World Of Gods & Monsters,” was taken from the classic film Bride Of Frankenstein.

Nick’s “side effects” are heavily inspired by the video game, Batman: Arkham Knight.

Disgusting: One of the trailers or tv spots accidentally gave away a huge spoiler. Hollywood please take notes, DON’T SHOW ANYTHING IMPORTANT, KEEP IT UNDERWRAPS! No pun intended.

Shaky cam is sometimes used. Ugh, why do they hire a guy or gal who constantly drinks to much coffee or red bull?

The Tone constantly switches between serious moments to unintentionally funny moments. It’s as if this was transfoming into a two hour sitcom. I’m not gonna lie, the audience in the theater including me, were laughing out loud. Ever heard of the term, “Were laughing at you, not with you?”

The Chemistry between Nick Morton and Jenny, his love interest, didn’t go so well due to a lack of emotional weight on them.

If you’re an arachnophobe like me, spiders are in this movie. Just an optional con for those who despise those creepy crawlies.

Before the opening scene, the Universal Pictures logo starts traditionally, until the logo transitions to another one called “Dark Universe.” Universal Pictures never call this Universal Monsters they call it Dark Universe. Warner Bros. owns the rights to the name of the D.C. Comics team Justice League Dark. I sense a future lawsuit happening. Picture Ralph Fiennes smashing his phone in the movie “In Burges.”

The Final Verdict: B-

Despite a few blemishes, I thought it was average, it’s not that bad nor the worst film I’ve seen since the recent Power Rangers film. This new Mummy is not on the same level as Brendan Fraser’s film.

The central question to all the people bashing this reboot, what the heck is wrong you critics? It’s not on the same level as Bio-Dome, Leonard Part 6, or Jack & Jill.

If you have any extra cash to spend, go see this or perhaps watch Wonder Woman again.

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