Flashback Review: Bio-Dome (MGM’s Flops Vol. 1 #1)

It’s time for another rendition of Flashback Review, this time we’re going back to 1996 when I was three years old. During the decade, several comedians were climbing up the ladder including Jerry Seinfeld, Ben Stiller, Mike Myers, Rosanne Barr, Adam Sandler, Chris Farley etc. Some of them developed successful careers in stand-up, film and television.

One comedian named Pauly Shore, was rising to fame, he was once host on a video show on MTV (The classic MTV, not the current one being taken over by PC Principal from South Park) called “Totally Pauly.” He starred in Encino Man along with Brendan Fraser & Sean Astin. The film propelled him to star in is own solo movies including Son In Law, Jury Duty, In The Army Now & of course Bio-Dome. The last one featuring him in a lead role was the final nail to the coffin of his film career.

The premise of Bio-Dome is about two dim-witted buddies under the names Bud “Squirrel” and Doyle “Stubs” played by Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin, who accidentally stumble upon an experimental dome shaped building, after entering the area, they are immediately locked, forcing them to stay inside until one year passes.

Bio-Dome was released in 1996. It bombed at the box office as in Pluto Nash bombed. Many critics despised it. The Nostalgia Critic dreadfully hated this movie. IMDB rated it 4.4/10, Rotten Tomoatoes gave it a 5% & Metacritic gave it a 1%, not kidding a 1%. If you thought Tom Cruise’s The Mummy is incredibly bad, you don’t know what you’re missing.

The following review contains SPOILERS.

Clean: The heavy metal comedy rock band “Tenacious D” appear for the first time before Jack Black & Kyle Gass made it big with their HBO series and a film about how they first met.

I laughed on a few parts like the guys singing Spider-Man but the name of the song is replaced by Iron Man. Pauly Shore laughs like The Wicked Witch Of The West from Wizard Of Oz. A couple of fart jokes. They even mocked then president of the U.S. Bill Clinton and predicted his infamous scandal.

Dirty: Lack of armed security to keep the Bio-Dome secured. It’s as if Batman’s rouge gallery of villains taking over Arkham. Oh wait The Joker did it in the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Annoying Protagonists lack redeeming qualities.

After the two friends enter the dome, there’s no actual Three Act Structure or proper conflict, just random shenanigans.

Very bad acting from Joey Lauren Adams. She sounds a combination of Chucky’s bride and Bernadette from Big Bang Theory if you give her way too much helium.

Random flashbacks of the duo like their childhood past, which doesn’t connect to the plot at all. If you’re gonna do a flashback, you have to connect a specific character’s past into the story like a traumatic event, gaining a unique ability, or how two best friends became close in the first place. Family Guy can make better flashbacks than this.

The buffoons constantly harass two beautiful scientists.

Product Placement (Pee Pee for short) on specific  brands such as 7-11, Pringles, Jiff Peanut Butter, Cap N Crunch, 7UP, SPAM, Country Time, and Diet Coke.

The film is incredibly dated. Because it takes place in 1996.

The guys manage to get out of the dome by finding a key. I thought the doors were supposed to be sealed. This broke my suspension of disbelief.

When the movie hits the one hour mark, I started to look at the clock to see how long I’ve been taken hostage by this cow dung.

The Final Verdict: F as in FAKER!

Now I understand why it’s considered one of the worst films ever created by mankind. Do not waste your time on this. As Alexa Vega’s character in Spy Kids once said, “It’s full of shiitake mushrooms!” If you want to watch a decent buddy film, I highly recommend Beavis & Butthead, Dumb & Dumber or Tommy Boy because those three have an actual plot, characters with common sense and conflict.

Rumors speculate there’s gonna be a sequel to Bio-Dome. If this happens, be prepared my fellow movie goers, we must be vigilant.

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