Flashback Review: I Am Sam

The Flashback Review of the day is I Am Sam. It must be hard to win an Oscar for a memorable performance. If you’ve heard of the term “Oscar Bait,” it means something like a serious drama attempting to replicate a struggle including family dilemmas, drug addiction, abandonment, diseases, etc.

One film in particular attempted to nab an easy win as an excuse to hire that ex-boyfriend of Madonna who went on to become a critically acclaimed actor desparate to earn his merit badge but didn’t, the film I’m referring to is “I Am Sam.”

It’s one of those movies that try to easily earn an Academy Award but this movie only had one nomination for best actor. Let’s see why it has a mixed reputation from both movie goers & critics.

This review contains SPOILERS if you haven’t seen this movie, go ahead and watch it, if not, read at your own risk!

Yay: The music in the soundtrack are songs by The Beatles which is Sam’s favorite band. The producers of this film managed to bring their own awesome mix for this picture.

The Cast of the film including Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer & Dakota Fanning did a decent job for their roles.

Bonus point for a scene with Sam & his lawyer Rita, watching Johnny Bravo (I grew up watching Cartoon Network shows during the network’s prime) in the waiting room.

Nay: The cinematography is very bad, there’s shaky cam throughout the film.

Poor editing.

Lots of Product Placement as I call it, P.P. for short as an acronym.

The blue hue screen featuring scenes  such as the court, felt out of place, it’s as if they turned this into a neo-noir psychological thriller like Minority Report. In the trailer, none it the blue in the scenes weren’t shown.

The ending didn’t show Sam winning the custody battle in court. It just shows the foster mother giving the daughter back to him.

The title of the film is kinda misleading, it should’ve been called “You Can Call Me Sam.” Which is a quote in the movie.

Its difficult to depict who to root for, plus there is no bad guy in this conflict.

Final Verdict: D –

After watching the movie, scene by scene, the characters, dramatic moments etc. This is a personification of trying to manipulate viewers & critics to make this movie earn a truckload of critical acclaim, but it fail to take home the prize. Sean Penn got nominated but at the end, he didn’t, until later on, he became a two time Academy Award winner.

This trend of Oscar Bait films is gonna keep going on and on. In the meantime Hollywood, try not make another type of movie to get people’s butts in theaters, make something more exciting, inspiring, hopeful with a teaspoon of making your audience relate to the characters.





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