The Lego Movie

In a time when major motion pictures try to produce entertainment based on books, franchises, video games, and the one related to this article, is the toyline. Before I talk about what’s good about The Lego Movie, let’s start with the history of the film adaptations related to toys based on properties.

The first ever film based on a series of toys was the 1977 film Raggedy Ann & Andy, it received mixed reviews and became a financial flop.

In the 1980’s, several toy companies including Hasbro, Mattel, AGC, (American Greetings Corporation) released their biggest products such as Transformers, G.I. Joe, He-Man, The Care Bears, My Little Pony. During the decade, the following products became a massive success spawning animated series based The selected companies that created the toys as they later when on to have films based on the cartoons.

Besides adapting action figures, several originally made movies/tv shows such as any Disney character like Mickey Mouse, Pixar Films, Power Rangers, Small Soldiers, & of course Chucky from Child’s Play have their own marketing campaign before & after the release of the movie/tv show.

As time went on, Hollywood continues the trend of making the following movies based on toy properties including Transformers, G.I. Joe, Jem & The Holograms, Masters Of The Universe, & Garbage Pail Kids. The results however weren’t excellent from critics & audiences alike.

The one movie that managed to bring the demographic of families, critics, toy collectors, & gamers is the one and only “The Lego Movie.”

Released in 2014, The Lego Movie became in an instant classic which went on to become one of the best animated films of all time. The film was nominated for several awards including the Golden Globe for “Best Animated Feature,” and one Oscar nomination for “Best Original Song,” of the theme song “Everything Is Awesome.”

With the release of The Lego Batman Movie along with upcoming Lego themed films like The Lego Ninjago Movie, The Billion Brick Race, & a follow up to The Lego Movie. I’m gonna see why you should watch this before you see Lego Batman.

As a lucky reader, feel free to read this SPOILER FREE review!

Awesome: The animation felt organic to the world, characters, and even the buildable environment.

The cast did an excellent job,  particularly the main leads and supporting characters.

The Three Act Structure or The Hero’s Journey was handled carefully for the storyline.

Well written humor with elements of inside jokes involving iconic Lego brands & pop culture references.

Original characters as well as some from different franchises are unforgettable.

Character Development focusing on the lead protagonist Emmet, (voiced by Chris Pratt) relatable to the everyman archétype or in this case an “Average Joe” caught in unusual circumstances.

The main antagonist, Lord Business, (voiced by Will Ferrell) has a lot of funny moments.

There’s a plot twist in this film, but I won’t give it away for those who haven’t seen the film.

Several easter eggs are in this movie, if you know anything about Lego brands don’t miss em unless you have a remote control.

The themes in this movie was crafted very well, you’ll have to figure them out once you’ve seen it.

I never got bored, I was entertained from beginning, middle & end.

Flaws: I couldn’t find any flaws to this picture. It felt like one of those perfect movies to get you into you’re seat without fast forwarding or taking a bathroom break just to skip the boring parts.

Final Verdict: An ultimate A for Apex.

I’m glad that I saw the whole thing. If Warner Animation keeps making more home runs hit after hit with Lego related films, it could be the next big animated series since Toy Story. Until then, we shall wait to see if these films can surpass The Lego Movie.


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