Suicide Squad

Prior to the release date of Suicide Squad, Batman VS. Superman became a box office success, but it received negatives reactions from critics, comic book fans, & non comic book audiences alike. As a response, Warner Bros. decided to reshoot their then upcoming film to add more action scenes and add more comedy to it, in order to generate a good response from the public. Suicide Squad was released on August 5, 2016. It was a box office success, but it received negative reviews from critics, fans and movie goers alike.

Today’s review contains SPOILERS.

Beautiful: Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney & Viola Davis all did a solid job for their respective performances.

If you’re a comic book fan like me, there’s a few Easter Eggs.

Costume Designs were designed match a character’s signature look.

Visual Effects weren’t fake looking at all. Thank goodness someone ugly like Doomsday didn’t show up.

A Mid-Credits Scene sets up Justice League.

Ugly: Some of the scenes from the trailers are missing.

Jared Leto’s performance as Joker felt exaggerated. Whenever he laughs, he sounds like the sloth from Zootopia. Sorry Jared, I have no choice but to Double Down your performance.

How did Joker managed to survive a helicopter crash. As if he’s a missing member of Team Rocket from Pokémon.

A Plot Hole involving why Amanda didn’t use some sort of device to prevent Enchantress from teleporting away.

Killer Croc doesn’t do anything other than fighting.

Final Verdict: D, FOR DOO DOO!

Suicide Squad is worse than Batman VS. Superman.

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