Suicide Squad

Prior to the release date of Suicide Squad, Batman Vs. Superman became a box office success, but it received negatives reactions from critics, comic book fans, & non comic book audiences alike. As a response, Warner Bros. decided to reshoot their then upcoming film to add more action scenes & add more comedy to it, in order to generate a good response from the public.

Suicide Squad was released in August 5, 2016. It was a box office success, but it received negative reviews from critics however, audiences, DC Comics fans such as Kevin Smith, Bruce Timm, (creator of Harley Quinn) & Mark Hamill (the voice of animated Joker from the 90’s Batman cartoon) felt very happy that they’ve seen it.

Let me share my thoughts & opinions about this movie, so let’s begin. Don’t look at the negative flaws of this film, this is a non-spoiler review. Feel free to read.

Beautiful: The film manages to balance action & comedy together. Similar to Marvel films.

The premise was interesting to see bad guys fighting a villain more powerful than them.

This movie is more lighter than Dawn Of Justice.

The actors did a wonderful job including Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, & the rest of the supporting cast.

If you’re a comic book fan like me, you’re gonna squee on several easter eggs added to the film.

I enjoyed the soundtrack, the songs selected for the movie is like a combination of The Fast & The Furious & Guardians Of The Galaxy.

The source material felt appropriate as a comic book adaptation.

Action Sequences were well crafted.

The costume designs look memorable.

Visual Effects weren’t fake looking.

There’s a mid-credits scene so don’t miss it!

Ugly: Some of the scenes from the trailers are missing most notably, Jared Leto’s scenes. Come on Warner Bros. he’s The Joker show some dignity you made Heath Ledger win his Oscar!

How did one of the main characters manage to survive death.

Final Verdict: B

I thought the film was awesome. It’s much better than Batman Vs. Superman.  It’s not quite on the same level as The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Please don’t give me any negative comments about my possible theory on why critics hated this movie.

I don’t understand why professional critics hated this movie. I think it’s possibly connected to the Orlando and Dallas shootings because they think the movie depicts people killing people with automatic weapons. They don’t understand the difference between reality and fiction.

I know this is out of left field, I think it’s probably connected to the 2016 election. Due to the fact that many Hillary Clinton supporters want to ban automatic weapons & the depiction of Harley Quinn outfit.

Here’s a rhetorical question: Were they’re any gay people or cops getting shot in this movie? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

One day, the critics are gonna look back at this movie. Remember when Psycho, The Shining, Natural Born Killers, and Fight Club received negative reviews? I bet Suicide Squad might do the same as these masterpieces.


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