Star Wars: Rogue One

After the mixed to positive reactions to The Force Awakens, Disney & Lucasfilm announced that they’re gonna make more Star Wars films ranging from a new trilogy set after the original films, & a number of spin offs including Han Solo, Boba Fett, & more yet to confirmed in the future.

The first film related to an “anthology series” of the franchise is Star Wars Episode 3.5 Rogue One. Why a decimal? Because it’s set after Revenge Of The Sith & a few days before A New Hope. Remember the animated film The Clone Wars? It’s considered Episode 2.5 because it’s set between Episodes 2 & 3.

Because of the negative reactions of the prequel trilogy from longtime fans & critics, Disney/Lucasfilm decided to make a “true prequel” to A New Hope. Did it payoff as I expected it to be from the marketing? Let me share my thoughts on Rogue One.

Keep in mind this is Spoiler Free.

Cool: The Premise of the film perfectly sets up A New Hope.

The Visual Effects look beautiful with a mix of practical and C.G.I. similar to The Force Awakens.

Newcomers were very interesting such as Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso unlike Princess Lea, Padme, Ahsoka, & Rey, she’s like an Ellen Ripley (from Alien) type of character, (lead character) Donnie Yen as Imwe, a blind warrior similar to Daredevil, and my favorite out of the new characters is Alan Tudyk as K-2S0, a reprogrammed imperial droid now helping The Rebel Alliance.

The film shows a gritty realistic depiction of war in the style of Saving Private Ryan.

No forced romance between two characters, this is a pure war film without love.

Battle sequences felt organic.

Darth Vader is back & better than ever. Felt like an extra treat after a delicious  meal.

Plenty of Easter Eggs connected to The Clone Wars & Episode 4.

The ending felt strong but I’m not gonna give it away if you haven’t seen the movie.

One scene from the film resembled something off of a slasher film.

Thank god Jar Jar wasn’t in this, if he were in it, I want The Death Star to use him as target practice.

Garbage: There’s no opening crawl. You can’t start a Star Wars movie without it. It’s as if the national anthem didn’t play before a football or baseball game.

Forrest Whitaker sounded like Marlon Brando in The Godfather.

Several scenes from the previews are missing in the final cut.

Final Verdict: -A

For those who haven’t seen it, please get off your butt & support this movie. Its definitely worth your money.

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