Flashback Review: Flubber

Time to look back at a film from the past. Two decades ago, Disney was at its peak. Animated films like Aladdin, Beauty & The Beast, & their magnum opus at the time was The Lion King. Pixar released their first hit, Toy Story, became the first fully CGI film in history which would later inspire other studios like Dreamworks, Blue Sky, & Sony Animation. Enough with the memory lane talk, time to look back at Flubber.

In the 80’s/90’s the late Robin Williams was a big name in the entertainment industry. He made a dozen of hits including Good Morning Vietnam, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, and a couple of stinkers like Jack, Patch Adams, Bicentennial Man.  Here are my thoughts about Flubber.

Good Stuff: Some of the CGI surprisingly hold up such as the titular Hulk snot. The casting besides Williams features another Oscar winner, Marcia Gay Harden, Christopher McDonald, (who always plays the bad guy) Clancy Brown, (Mr. Krabs) Ted Levine, (Buffalo Bill) & Will Wheaton as a college student. I also liked the assistant robot (the voice of Ariel from Little Mermaid) who has the ability the feature Disney & public domain films from her monitor.

Bad Stuff: The constant bouncing & slapstick. Blue screen effect such as the flying car sequence looks completely dated. The Protagonist has poor memory. The Love Interest is clueless, even Mary Jane from Spider-Man has more common sense than her. Nobody outside but the main characters & a little boy who  notice the wacky situations constantly screams. Incompetent bad guys. Suspension Of Disbelief is broken.

Final Verdict: D – as in Dunce.

If you watch this as an adult, you’re gonna have a case of a bouncing headache. If you have a family of you’re own, go ahead & introduce you’re kids to a memory from the past & honor of Williams’s memory.


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