Dr. Strange

Hello fellow movie goers from around the world. My first ever review is called “Dr. Strange: Or How I Learned To Stop Being A Surgeon & Became A Sorcerer To Save The World.” Just kidding, it’s simply called, Dr. Strange.

My name is Nick Kohler, I’m the creator of Nick The Movie Critic, and I would like to present you a NON-SPOILER review for Dr. Strange. If I enjoy a certain film, I’ll write an article as a NON-SPOILER review, if a film manages to disappoint or made me waste my spare time, I will write a full SPOILER review in order to prevent you from wasting your hard earned cash.

Dr. Strange is set in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe. ” MCU for short) The fourteenth entry is about Stephen Strange who survives a car accident, goes on a life change journey to become a sorcerer with the help of a monk who will teach him spells to protect his world and the multiverse containing infinite universes.

Dr. Strange was released in 2016. It received positive reviews from critics, fans & movie goers alike. Plus it made enough money at the box office.

This review doesn’t contain no SPOILERS present. Feel free to check out my first entry on my blog.

Magical & Hexes Aspects

Magical: The acting was decent, Benedict Cumberbatch did a splended job as the cocky arrogant show off turned magician beyond his years. He’s similar to Sherlock Holmes/Iron Man. I’ll give Marvel an Extra Point for casting an actor for portraying Sherlock Homes. (Robert Downey Jr. also played Holmes in the films)

Other Cast Members including Rachel McAdams did a solid job but she felt like a mix between Rosario Dawson’s character in Daredevil & Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts in Iron Man. Chiwetel Ejiofor did a good job on his performance as Baron Mordo. Tilda Swinton did good as Strange’s mentor. Mads Mikkelson did a descent job as the villain. Mads is known for being typecasted as villains onscreen.

Fun Fact: Rachel McAdams worked with Robert Downey Jr. who also portrayed Sherlock Holmes. What a coinkydink! One more fact. Joaquin Phoenix was considered for the role as Dr. Strange. He dropped out to work on other projects due to a busy schedule. He’s very picky like Daniel Day-Lewis when it comes to being selective on which movies he wants to participate.

Disney stayed true to the source material including the origin story set in the modern era, Strange’s costume, & the mythos.

Before the movie commenced, a three-dimensional updated logo of Marvel Studios is introduced as an epic start for a brand new adventure.

Action Sequences resemble Christopher Nolan’s Inception set in J.K. Rowling’s Wizardry World. Think of the action  as “The Love Child” of Nolan & Rowling.

Humor in this film made me laugh my butt off. It felt suitable, because it ain’t on the same grade as “Guardians Of The Galaxy.” Just the right balance. Not cringy like the 2005 version of “Fantastic Four.”

Visual Effects are very imaginative & beautifully immersive like a cross between Inception & Harry Potter. I’ll give the effects team a bunch of Bonus Points for making the effects as real as possible.

Storyline wasn’t forgettable & as a viewer I had an awesome trippy ride.

A green stone plays a pivotal role and it is connected to a Gauntlet if you’re familiar with The Infinity Gauntlet from the comics, you probably know why.

Oscar winning composer Michael Giacchino (Pixar’s Up, The Incredibles, Star Trek) orchestrated the music for the film.

Earth Wind & Fire’s “Shining Star” is used in one scene. Shining Star was also used in an episode of Daredevil: Season 2, when The Punisher listens to it in a car.

Stan Lee makes a cameo appearance.

A Mid-Credits Scene sets up a future installment. Stay in your seat if you want to know what happens next!

A Post-Credits Scene also sets up a future installment as well. Stay in your seat!

Before The End Credits Sequence is finished, a text scrolls up involving viewers not to text while driving. It counts as a moral lesson to Strange’s origin story.

Hexes: The movie also has tiny flaws including the shaky cam as if someone was drinking too much Monster Energy. Is Speedy Gonzales in charge of cinematography? Tell him to lay off the energy drinks.

One of the main villains isn’t similar to the comics but he looks like one of the Final Boss from Star Fox 64.

Dr. Strange is kinda like the origin story of “Iron Man” all over again. Both characters start out as narcissistic wealthy individuals who go on a life changing adventure and they use their new found gift to protect innocent lives.

I don’t think Dr. Strange isn’t quite on the same level as Captain America: Civil War. I’m not saying Strange is a bad film but Marvel is trying something different with the series to make each movie feel unique because we don’t want to see the same story again, we want new tricks we’ve never seen.

The Final Verdict: B, FOR BRILLIANT!

In my opinion, Dr. Strange is a home run for Marvel. Benedict Cumberbatch did an awesome job, visual effects are mesmerizing, the film stayed true to the source material among other positive elements listed. I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of Marvel or a casual movie goer. Go on and support this movie so we can get more magic worth our big bucks. Marvel you’ve done it again!

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