Jack And Jill

Greetings & salutations my fellow movie goers from around the world. Today’s review is one of the worst motion pictures in cinematic history starring Adam Sandler as twins in “Jack & Jill.” Too bad it’s not based on a beloved fairy tale. Jack & Jill was released in 2011. (around the same as Adam Sandler’s […]

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Uncle Drew

In 2012, Boston Celtics basketball player Kyrie Irving starred in PepsiCo’s series of viral YouTube videos to promote “Pepsi Max” as “Uncle Drew,” a former basketball player now a senior citizen, who’s the subject of a mockumentary competing with youngsters in a basketball court. Despite being an old man, he still retains his skills. After […]

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Freddy Got Fingered

In The 90’s, Tom Green made it big when MTV green-lit a sketch comedy known as, “The Tom Green Show” airing from 1994-2000. It primarily focuses on Tom pulling pranks in front of random bystanders. One of his signature sketches in my opinion is “The Bum Bum Song.” The Tom Green Show is sorta a […]

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