The Walking Dead: Season 2

The Walking Dead’s second season aired in 2011 on AMC. (same year Skyrim came out) It received positive reviews from critics, fans and viewers alike. The eleventh season will end the series. Before I see the grand finale, I wanna share my thoughts on Season 2. This review contains no SPOILERS. Feel free to read […]

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The Walking Dead: Season 1

In 2003, Image Comics (Spawn, Invincible) published a comic book series titled, “The Walking Dead.” Created by Robert Kirkman & Tony Moore, the series centers around a cop named, Rick Grimes who wakes up from a coma in a hospital after being shot in the line of duty. He finds out the world is overrun […]

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El Camino

After the award winning series “Breaking Bad” ended in 2013. “Better Call Saul” earned critical acclaim. Despite a legit spin-off, fans of the series were begging to learn about Jesse’s fate in the aftermath of Breaking Bad. It’s finally explained in a recent movie known as “El Camino” is now streaming on Netflix. Both Breaking […]

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