El Camino

After the award winning series “Breaking Bad” ended in 2013. “Better Call Saul” earned critical acclaim. Despite a legit spin-off, fans of the series were begging to learn about Jesse’s fate in the aftermath of Breaking Bad. It’s finally explained in a recent movie known as “El Camino” is now streaming on Netflix. Both Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul are listed as one of my favorite shows.

Critics and fans of both Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul are giving El Camino high praise as the final swan song to the beloved series.

Today’s review does not contain any very important SPOILERS present on this non-spoiler article. If you haven’t watched the entire series of Breaking Bad, there will be SPOILERS. It’s a requirement not watch Breaking Bad before you see El Camino. Does El Camino live up to the hype? Well let’s get to the bottom of this.

Positive & Negative Qualities

Positive: Aaron Paul reprises his role as Jesse Pinkman. He did a fantastic job for his performance.

Vince Gilligan returns to tie up loose ends for the series. He did a great job directing, writing and producing.

Cinematography felt normal as the cameraman managed to keep a camera still without drinking way too much Red Bull.

Practical Effects were used to display certain scenes. I can’t go into full detail, because this non-spoiler review is classified.

Despite depicted as a serious crime-drama thriller, elements of black comedy are used sparingly.

Flashbacks are shown. Again, I don’t wanna go into full detail.

Due to Character Development from the show, Jesse is very different in terms of his personality. He’s more serious and desperate to start a new life after being tortured by Jack’s biker gang. Jesse suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (PTSD for short)

The title of the film is named after a vehicle whom Jesse uses to escape Jack’s biker gang’s hideout.

Jesse’s best friends Skinny Pete & Badger factor in the film.

The film is set immediately after the events of Breaking Bad’s series finale, “Felina.” Jesse is on the run from legal authorities and additional members of Jack’s biker gang after Walter rescues his from captivity. Thus, the stakes are drastically high.

Once again, money plays a huge role as in Walter & Jesse’s main goal from the show.

Primary Theme for the film is “Becoming A New Man.” Jesse’s character arc from the show transforms him into a serious individual who wants to start a new life becoming a new man.

If you recently rewatched all episodes, callbacks to the show are mentioned. For the short version, Aaron Paul told a two & half minute recap of the entire show.

Familiar faces from Breaking Bad reprise their roles. I can’t tell you, you’re gonna have to see for yourself.

I can’t tell you about the ending. All I can say is, it was worth an emotional payoff.

Negative: Product Placement featuring specific brands such as Pringles, Campbell’s, Miller Lite, 7-11 & Budweiser. I’ll give this flaw a pass, because I couldn’t find any other brand to shove down my throat.

To be honest with you guys and gals. I couldn’t spot nothing wrong with this movie. The Cast & Crew deserve an Extra Point for making a flawless finale as possible.

The Final Verdict: A, FOR APEX!

El Camino is in fact, a fantastic final swan song for the series. It definitely lives up to the hype. The positive stuff I’ve listed, indicates why El Camino is on the same level as both shows. If you’re interested in seeing El Camino, I strongly recommend it.

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