Aliens VS. Predator: Requiem

In 2004, “Alien VS. Predator” opened in theaters. It received negative reviews and made enough money at the box office. Three Years Later, Fox distributed a follow up. This time with a Predator duking it out with a half-Xenomorph, half-Predator in “Aliens VS. Predator: Requiem.”

Aliens VS. Predator: Requiem was officially released in 2007. (same year Zodiac came out) It was critically panned by critics, fans and movie goers alike. A prequel to Predator called, “Prey” is streaming on Hulu. Ridley Scott is developing an Alien prequel series on Hulu. Now that’s it’s Halloween Month, I’ll be reviewing a few horror films.

It doesn’t matter if SPOILERS are listed. This crossover sequel is horrendously bad.

Victory & Defeat Aspects

Victory: Alien creators Walter Hill (The Warriors, The Getaway) & Dan O’Bannon produced the film. It’s not their fault they made this piece of crap.

The only character I liked is Predator.

Both Xenomorph & Predator sound effects are retained.

Defeat: The Brothers Strause did a horrendously bad job in their directorial debut. They lack experience as filmmakers and never put any effort. They’re only good a making music videos. That’s about it.

Cinematography is shot poorly. For instance, a majority of scenes are dark such as fight scenes and brutal deaths. I couldn’t tell what’s going on. As if Fox couldn’t afford an electrician.

Unlike the last film, the sequel is rated R. Sadly, it’s hard to see fatalities.

Although the running time is short, I was bored from beginning to end.

None of the human characters are interesting. They’re not memorable like Ellen Ripley, Hicks, Newt, Hudson & Dutch.

A Plot Hole involving why didn’t the townspeople hear a Predator ship from the opening crash landing in the woods.

Somebody shouts a memorable line from the first Predator film. “Get to the choppa!” Only Arnold Schwarzenegger delivers one of his famous quotes with actual emotion.

Fake Outs are so annoying. One scene shows something crawling under the blankets, turns out it’s a little girl.

Pred-Alien & Predator are nuked by The National Guard. Nobody wins except for the humans. What a bummer. I wanted Predator to be the victor.

The Ending sets up a third movie A poor excuse to make money, rather than focusing on quality. As a result of negative reviews and grossing less than the first entry, a third movie is aborted.

The Final Verdict: F, FOR FAKER!

Aliens VS. Predator: Requiem is ten times worse than its predecessor, “Alien 3” and “Alien Resurrection” wrapped in one. If you wanna experience a proper crossover, I highly recommend the 2010 video game. Allowing you to play three factions as the Xenomorphs, Predators & Colonial Marines. Don’t forget to play “Mortal Kombat X” featuring Alien & Predator as DLC characters alongside Jason Voorhees & Leatherface.

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