Game of Thrones: Season 7

Game of Thrones’ seventh season aired in 2017. (same year The Handmaid’s Tale aired) It received positive reviews from critics, fans and viewers alike. A prequel titled, “House of the Dragon” is streaming on HBO Max. Before I watch the aforementioned series, I’m looking back at every single season of Game of Thrones. I already covered the last six seasons. So, don’t forget to check ‘em out.

This review contains some minor SPOILERS. A recap of Season 6 lists certain plot points. Tread carefully.

Positive & Negative Qualities

Positive: The Main Cast reprise their roles and they all did an excellent job for their respective performances.

Ramon Djwadi (Iron Man, Westworld) orchestrated the soundtrack.

Cinematography captures in-depth imagery of Westeros.

Visual and Practical Effects brought the world of Westeros to life.

Season 6 Recap

  • Margery, The High Sparrow and many citizens of King’s Landing are killed in a massive explosion. Tommen commits suicide. Cersei takes her son’s place in the Iron Throne.
  • Melisandre resurrects Jon.
  • Jon and his posse defeat Ramsay and his army, reclaim Winterfell and Sansa releases Ramsay’s dogs by devouring him as payback for raping her.
  • Arya regains her 20/20 vision. She completes her training in Braavos and heads back to Westeros for unfinished business.
  • Hound is alive. He comes out of retirement.
  • Jorah’s grayscale disease progresses.
  • Bran is now The Three-Eyed Raven after his predecessor is killed by The White Walkers.
  • Daenerys becomes allies with The Dothraki. Further increasing her army.
  • Tyrion becomes Daenerys’ right-hand man.
  • Theon’s uncle Euron sides with The Lannisters.
  • Hodor sacrifices himself so Bran can escape from The White Walkers. A shocking twist also reveals Bran accidentally caused Hodor’s younger self to have a seizure. Yelling out, “Hold the door!” Then, Hold door!” Ultimately combining hold and door as “Hodor.”

Primary Themes are Family, Honor, Corruption, Legacy, Betrayal & Revenge. Each one is handled maturely.

Every single character has an interesting and unique background. my favorite is Daenerys.

Episode 66 is my favorite episode of Season 7.

Season 7’s last scene sets up the final season.

Negative: Due to George R.R. Martin writing the final two books “The Winds of Winter” and “A Dream of Spring,” David Benioff & D.B. Weiss’ quality in storytelling is slowly declining. Don’t get me wrong, some parts of Season 7 are good. It’s a hit and miss.

Season 7 has a few blemishes listed below.

Episode 61 – Dragonstone

Fresh: A “flashback” with people enjoying a drink together.

One scene pays homage to the hip-hop montage (rapid fast cutting) from “Requiem for a Dream.”

Jorah’s “condition” progresses.

Sam discovers something important.

Expired: A Plot Hole involving why Stannis didn’t hire high ranking soldiers to guard his Dragonstone. That’s like leaving The White House’s door unlocked with uninvited guests entering in broad daylight.

Episode 62 – Stormborn

Cersei tests out a new weapon.

Jorah goes for a checkup.

Prepping up for a siege, Tyrion forms a strategy.

Sam does his homework researching on a disease far complex.

Arya encounters a familiar face.

A bloody battle ensues.

Episode 63 – The Queen’s Justice

Justice: Sansa has an unexpected surprise.

Jon arrives at Dragonstone hoping to form an alliance with Daenerys. She and Tyrion continue their next phase.

Jamie gives someone a “free drink.”

A Plot Twist changes everything.

Injustice: Bran doesn’t act like himself. He didn’t Sansa a proper demonstration of his newfound powers like confirming Arya is alive. He says this line. “You look pretty on the night you were raped.” Nobody would ever say it in real life! As if Harvey “John Wayne Gacy” Weinstein wrote this s**t! I have no choice but to Triple Down Bran’s repulsive comment.

Episode 64 – The Spoils of War

Arya meets old faces. She obtains a new weapon. Proceeds to spar with another old face. Arya has come a long way from a novice to an expert like “Leon: The Professional.”

Daenerys & Jon discover ancient documents. The latter gets to know his new allies more.

An epic war between Team Daenerys and Team Jamie is brutal yet friggin’ awesome. To quote Martin Lawrence in “Bad Boys II.” “S**t just got real!” It deserves Bonus Points. I’m definitely on Team Daenerys.

Episode 65 – Eastwatch

Right: Picking up after the last episode, two survivors escape.

Jamie reveals the truth about a character’s demise.

Bran sends multiple urgent messages.

A mission briefing in Dragonstone.

Jon and his posse prepare for a dangerous mission accompanied with an unlikely warrior.

Time’s running out, Sam takes drastic measures.

Arya discovers a dirty secret.

Wrong: Sansa claims people work together to take back Winterfell, not cutting off people’s heads is not how The North does it. She’s a hypocrite for letting Ramsay’s dogs eat him alive without nobody accompanying her.

Episode 66 – Beyond the Wall

Jon and his posse track down The White Walkers’ whereabouts. They also have an epic battle.

A shocking moment will make you gasp.

One scene reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio’s deadly encounter with a bear in “The Revenant.”

Episode 66 is my favorite episode of Season 7.

Episode 67 – The Dragon and the Wolf

High: Arya performs a fatality.

The Houses gather for an urgent meeting.

Final scene sets up the final season.

Low: A Plot Twist reveals Jon’s lineage. Unaware of his family roots, he scores with somebody linked to him. You probably know who the person is. When I first found out, I was appalled yelling, “WHAT THE HOLY COW!?” My brains cells vomited. I have no choice, but to Triple Down this con.

The Final Verdict: B-

Games of Thrones’ seventh season is painfully average. I was gonna give it a C. Upon looking back at a few good elements, this season earns a B- as a warning. I’ve yet to rewatch Season 8. I don’t even remember what happened. If you’re eager to watch House of the Dragon, rewatch Game of Thrones starting with Season 1.

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