Game of Thrones: Season 2

In 2011, HBO aired “Game of Thrones.” Based on George R.R. Martin’s book series “A Song of Fire and Ice,” Season 1 earned unanimous praise from critics and viewers alike. Peter Dinklage won numerous awards at The Golden Globes & Emmys for his performance as Tyrion Lannister. The second season aired in 2012. (same year Dredd came out) It received critical acclaim from critics, fans and viewers alike.

A prequel to Game of Thrones titled, “House of the Dragon” is now streaming on HBO Max. As a fan of Game of Thrones, I’m rewatching all eight seasons to refresh my memory.

Today’s review contains no SPOILERS. For those who’ve yet to see Season 1, there will be important events listed. Tread carefully.

Positive & Negative Aspects

Positive: The Main Cast reprise their roles and they all did an excellent job for their respective performances.

David Benioff & D.B. Weiss both did a great job adapting “A Clash of Kings” as the second season to the show spanning ten episodes.

Ramin Djawadi (Iron Man, Pacific Rim, Westworld) orchestrated the music.

Cinematography captures Westeros’ immersive landscape.

Visual And Practical Effects were heavily involved to create Westeros’ lore.

Here’s a recap on what happened from Season 1’s shocking finale.

Season 1 Recap

  • Joffrey sits on the Iron Throne. He arranges a forced marriage with Sasha.
  • Daenerys’ dragons hatched.
  • Ned’s executed.
  • Robert Baratheon is slain.
  • Arya went A.W.O.L.
  • Drogo kicks the bucket.
  • Jon and his men head out to leave the wall.
  • Tyrion is assigned as Joffrey’s adviser.
  • Robb becomes king of the north.
  • Jamie’s captured by Robb.

Robert Baratheon’s brother Stannis and a witch with red hair named Melisandre factor in.

Two factions prepare for battle leading up to my favorite episode of Season 2, “Blackwater.”

Primary Themes are Honor, Legacy, Loss, Betrayal & Family. Each one is handled maturely.

Every character has a unique and interesting background. Daenerys is my favorite character.

Negative: I couldn’t find nothing wrong.

Episode 11 – The North Remembers

Alive: After Ned’s death, Joffrey commits his first act. Thus, establishing Season 2 doesn’t pull any punches.

Daenerys and her people must find shelter.

Bran has a vision.

The Night Watch learn about a warrior.

Melisandre’s first scene shows us who she is.

Dead: No flaws spotted.

Episode 12 – The Night Lands

Light: Arya goes incognito as a boy.

Theon reunites with his dad. He also receives unexpected news.

Jon discovers something wrong.

Melisandre makes Stannis an offer he can’t refuse.

Dark: Nothing happened.

Episode 13 – What Is Dead May Never Die

Ascend: A spy infiltrates King’s Landing.

Tyrion makes a drastic decision.

Bran has another vision.

Brienne of Tarth makes her debut. She later has a crucial role in future seasons.

Somebody meets his end.

Descend: Nothing happened.

Episode 14 – Garden of Bones

Well: Joffrey crosses a huge line.

A fart scene made me laugh.

Daenerys arrives in a city ruled by a group called, The Thirteen.

Arya is captured by Lannister soldiers. She also confronts a familiar face.

A big reveal at the end.

Sick: No boo boos found.

Episode 15 – The Ghost of Harrenhal

An unpredictable scene raises the stakes.

Arya formulates a plan.

Lannister forces produce arsenal.

Briene forms a truce with a focal character.

Episode 16 – The Old Gods and the New

Fresh: Theon crosses a line.

Arya has an unexpected visitor.

Jon encounters the leader of Wildlings.

A chase scene ensues.

A fine day in King’s Landing becomes brutal.

The Hound has an epic moment.

Daenerys is appalled over something important.

Expired: Not a single flaw found.

Episode 17 – A Man Without Honor

Honor: Daenerys looks for her lost “children.”

Bran & Hodor flee from Theon’s men.

This episode introduces the famous quote. “You know nothing Jon Snow.”

Jon gets into a situation.

Sansa experiences a “rude awakening.”

Jamie brings up a piece of his past.

The Body Count escalates.

This episode ends with another shocking moment.

Dishonor: Nothing bad happened.

Episode 18 – The Prince of Winterfell

Jon earns a bad case of bad luck.

Catelyn gives Robb some bad news.

Tywin plans an attack

Tyrion organizes an upcoming battle.

Arya picks a new target in exchange to escape prison.

Episode 19 – Blackwater

Swim: George R.R. Martin himself wrote this episode.

After eight episodes of build-up, we finally get to see an epic battle in King’s Landing. I’m giving my favorite episode from Season 2 Bonus Points.

Tyrion delivers an inspirational speech.

The Hound makes a drastic choice.

Sink: No flaws found.

Episode 20 – Valar Morghulis

Courage: Season Finale shows the aftermath of the last episode with various characters taking another step in their lives.

A familiar face makes a cameo appearance.

Theon delivers a speech.

Brienne fights soldiers.

A few characters meets their end.

Daenerys displays her powers.

Jon engages in combat.

A Cliffhanger sets up Season 3. Meaning, tensions have escalate.

Cowardly: No boo boos discovered.m

The Final Verdict: A, FOR APEX

Games of Thrones’ second season is another hit. If you’re prepping up for House of the Dragon, it’s best to watch all eight seasons if you wanna refresh your memory.

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