Project X

“Project X” was officially released in 2012. (same year 21 Jump Street came out) It received negative reviews from critics. Regardless of poor reception, the movie made enough money at the box office. Project X garnered controversy over teens attempting to replicate the movie’s dangerous scenes. Despite controversy, Project X is considered as a modern cult classic in the found footage genre.

Miles Teller (Whiplash, War Dogs) will appear in the highly anticipated Top Gun: Maverick.” He also has a role on Paramount Plus’ “The Offer.” A mini-series involving the making of “The Godfather.” Todd Phillips (The Hangover Trilogy, Old School) is currently working on a sequel to Joaquin Phoenix’s “Joker.” As of April 2022, “Joker 2” has yet to begin filming.

Today’s review contains no SPOILERS. I’m giving some of you fellas a chance to see this crazy movie. Keep in mind, this is a short review. It’s not a three-dimensional psychological thriller like “Black Swan.” Just a short stakes found footage movie.

Sober & Drunk Elements

Sober: Todd Phillips served as a producer courtesy of his production company Green Hat Films.

Most of The Cast consists with unknowns and they did a solid job for their respective performances.

Michael Bacall wrote the story. He also did “Scott Pilgrim VS. The World” & “21 Jump Street.”

Miles Teller appears as himself partaking in the wild party. Martin Klebba (Marty from Pirates of the Caribbean) also attends beating up random guys.

Cinematography is purposely shot in jittered format to reflect the movie is shot on a handheld camera.

Humor contains elements of non-stop partying, drinking, potty mouth dialogue and many other stuff that refuses to make an apology. If you’re easily offended, this is not the kind of movie you and your kids should watch. If you have the guts to watch, strap in for one wild ride.

The best way to describe Project X is a cross between “The Blair Witch Project” & “Superbad.” By the way, the latter is one of my favorite comedies of all time.

Chemistry between Thomas, Costa & J.B. serves as the main highlight. Their interactions shapes the story forward with destructive results.

Pacing felt normal for a 90-minute movie or as Pete Davidson calls it a “short-ass movie.” Don’t believe me? Look up Pete Davidson’s funny as heck sketch on SNL.

Fun Fact: Thomas’ house is actually Roger Murtaugh’s place from “Lethal Weapon.” By the way, Joel Silver produced the Lethal Weapon series and Project X.

If you have a keen eye, two characters play “Mortal Kombat 9.”

My favorite prop is a garden gnome. You probably know why.

Metallica’s “Battery” is played during a chaotic scene. Metallica is one of my favorite bands.

Before the movie starts, a disclaimer informs us it’s fictional. Word of caution, don’t recreate any dangerous stunts. WB took cues from MTV’s “Jackass.”

A “where are they now montage” is played for laughs.

Eminem & D12’s “Fight Music” is played during the end credits. I’m glad they WB picked this awesome track. I would’ve subtracted WB for picking an overused song like “I’m Gonna Make You Sweat.” You know “Everybody dance now?”

Drunk: I couldn’t find nothing wrong. I’m giving The Cast & Crew an Extra Point for making a flawless movie as possible.

The Final Verdict: A, FOR APEX!

When I first saw Project X, I was immediately hooked without looking at my watch. I still enjoy it. If you in for one heck of a non-stop ride, this is definitely your one way ticket.

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