Gamer’s Review: Fallout 4

“Fallout 4” was released in 2015 (same year The Witcher 3 came out) on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One. It received positive reviews from critics, fans and gamers alike. The game also sold millions of copies worldwide. Christopher “Chris” Nolan’s brother Jonathan & Lisa Joy are working on a live action television adaptation of Fallout. As of March 2022, a release date is not yet confirmed. As a fan of the Fallout series and Chris’s work, I wanna share my thoughts on Fallout 4.

This review contains no SPOILERS. Feel free to read my non-spoiler article.

Good & Bad Aspects

Good: Voice Actors all did a decent job for their respective performances.

Todd Howard did an awesome job organizing the game. Back when he had credibility. Then, “Fallout 76” damaged his reputation along with Bethesda. At least the fourth game has “16 times the detail than 76.” Oh how the mighty have fallen!

Taking cues from “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim,” Creation Engine brings the world, character models, lore, enemies, lighting and environmental locations to life. Skyrim is one of my favorite video games. Graphics can be a hit and miss.

When you start the game, you can personally customize your character’s name, gender, appearance, race, and features. Stats are presented as S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stands for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Intelligence, Agility & Luck. Pick whatever playstyle suits your strategy. Always double check before you begin a playthrough. Unlike previous games, the level cap is limitless. As you level up, you can pick perks and increase your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats. Another thing, you can switch between first-person and third-person mode.

Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System or V.A.T.S. for short is revamped in bullet time (slow motion) during combat rather than freezing.

A variety of enemies range from humans, super mutants, robots and mutated wildlife have unique strengths and weaknesses. Exploit them using V.A.T.S.

Combat is impressive. You fight baddies with melee and ranged weapons. Make sure you plan accordingly whether you open fire with powerful augments or perform a deadly sneak attack.

Bottle Caps are the main currency. You can earn them by looting dead bodies, sell junk you don’t need, loot in random areas and do good or bad deeds.

Your handy dandy Pip-Boy gives you access to inventory, quest info, a map of the wasteland, radio stations among a few things. Be sure to check out it periodically. After you discover a location, you can fast travel from Point A to Point B.

Crafting weapons/armor augments your favorite equipment at a workstation. You can also rename weapons at any time. Power Armor is another thing you tinker.

A new feature allows you to build settlements. As you gather resources, you’ll be able to create houses, plant crops, power electricity, organize defenses and store water. It kept me occupied for hours.

Main Story focuses on you playing the role of a father/mother searching for your son. On the way, you meet allies who’ll help you on your quest.

Main Factions are The Railroad, The Brotherhood of Steel, The Minutemen & The Insititute. If you stick with one, it’ll permanently affect the game. Be wary of your choices. The series is known for giving you difficult decisions. Play as a good guy or a bad guy. It’s your call.

Total companions in the game are 13. An additional four from DLC racks up 17. Some of them have unique skills. Depending on your actions, a specific partner will either like or dislike you. Research each friend’s personal tastes before you recruit him/her. Every single one (minus Preston) is memorable. You can also romance with certain friends. I romanced with Piper.

My favorite companions are Nick Valentine, Piper, Paladin Danse, Strong & Deacon.

Codsworth the robot butler can say 900 names based on the name of your character. Some of them are funny. I’m giving him an Extra Point for saying my name, Nick. Adds a whole new level of immersion.

The game is filled with pop culture references.

If you’re having a hard time, you can always adjust the difficulty setting. Watch out for deathclaws. They definitely pack a punch. Survival Mode is extremely hard. Think you can handle it all by yourself?

I spent countless weeks in multiple playthroughs siding with one faction per save file as way to unlock different endings.

A Plot Twist reveals the brains behind The Institute.

If you purchased “Far Harbor” “Automatron” & Nuka-World” you gain new quests, attire, weapons etc. Someday, I’ll write separate reviews on each one.

Bad: Although the graphics are impressive, they can sometimes lead to uncanny valley. Again, they can be a hit and miss.

Preston is the worst companion. Every time I freely explore the wasteland, he contacts me to save a settlement. He’s annoying as fudge! Do me a solid and never join The Minutemen.

The Final Verdict: B, FOR BREATHTAKING!

Despite a few blemishes, Fallout 4 is an awesome game worth every penny. Not a perfect game like Fallout: New Vegas, I had an immersive experience in multiple playthroughs branching alternate paths as a hero and villain. I hope Todd Howard & Bethesda learned from their mistakes. We should move on to Fallout 5, no constant updates on Fallout 76. If you’re a fan of the Fallout series like me, I highly recommend the fourth game. Don’t forget to play Fallout 3 & New Vegas.

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