Flashback Review: Teen Titans: Season 2

After “Teen Titans” aired its first season on Cartoon Network. A second and third season immediately commenced with The Cast & Crew back onboard. Teen Titans’ second season aired in 2004. (same year Spider-Man 2 came out) It received positive reviews from critics, fans and viewers.

There’s a variety of reasons I wanted to share my thoughts on Teen Titans’ second season. Number 1, Robert Pattinson’s Batman will be released on March 4th, 2022. Number 2, Michael Keaton will reprise his role as Batman in “The Flash set in the DC Extended Universe or DCEU for short. Number 3, Bruce Timm & J.J. Abrams are developing an animated Batman series streaming soon on HBO Max. Number 4, a fourth season of the live action series “Titans” will stream soon on HBO Max.

This review doesn’t contain any potential SPOILERS. Feel free to read my non-spoiler article.

The Entire Season

Pros: Tara Strong, Khary Payton, Greg Cipes, Scott Menville & Hynden Walch reprise their roles and they all did an excellent job for their respective voiceover performances.

Ron Perlman reprises his role as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke. He did an excellent job for his voiceover performance. He gets Bonus Points voicing my favorite DC villain. Deathstroke is basically the Boba Fett of the DC Universe.

Slade serves as the main antagonist of Season 2. This time, he has a grandmaster plan bigger than last time.

Famous faces such as Ashley Johnson, (Ellie from The Last Of Us) Wil Wheaton, Keith David, John DiMaggio, Tress MacNeille, Will Friedle, Thomas Hayden Church & the late Tony Jay have guest voice roles.

Action Sequences never made me bored from start to finish.

The Tone balances between seriousness and comedy.

Animation retains its anime style combined with an American cartoon giving it a hybrid vibe bringing character designs, environmental locations, fluid movement and action scenes to life.

Chemistry between The Gang serves as the main highlight. Much better than the horrific abomination “Teen Titans Go.”

Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series) produced the show.

If you read the comics, some of the episodes with Terra draws elements from a storyline known as “The Judas Contract.” She plays a key role in both the aforementioned storyline and Season 2.

Japanese pop duo “Puffy AimiYumi” sing the opening theme song in both English and Japanese. They also had an animated series on Cartoon Network.

Cyborg utters his catchphrase “Boo-Yah.”

Raven is my favorite character. When I was a kid, I used to have a crush on her.

Cons: The Gang never take their outfits off in favor of wearing normal clothes in public or taking a break in Titans Tower. “Peacemaker” on HBO Max poked fun at superheroes wearing costumes in public.

Episode 14 – How Long Is Forever?

Long: During a fight, Starfire accidentally transports herself 20 Years into the future where The Gang go their separate ways.

Warp, a time traveler from 100 years from a future, serves as the villain.

Two hoodlums bothering Beast Boy, look like members of The Mutant Gang from Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns.”

Not a spoiler. In the future, Robin is Nightwing. Like the comics, Dick Grayson matures into an adult, gains all the experience he endured from intense battles, becomes an independent crime fighter like his mentor Batman and then he passes the torch to Tim Drake as a new Robin.

Short: No flaws were found.

Episode 15 – Every Dog Has His Day

Organized: Mistaken in the form of a dog, Beast Boy is captured by an alien.

Episode 15 is a breather episode not linked to Season 2’s story arc. Think of it as a side quest.

Cluttered: Nothing stupid occurred.

Episode 16 – Terra

Strong: Terra is introduced in her first appearance on the show. She’s struggling to control her powers. She’s voiced by Ashley Johnson.

Episode 16’s title is obviously named after a focal character.

Slade battles Terra.

Weak: No cons found.

Episode 17 – Only Human

Victory: Cyborg loses his confidence after a failed attempt to surpass his limits.

Cyborg fights a robot in a one-on-one match. The latter is voiced by Keith David. This is the closest thing to witnesses Cyborg duking it out with Spawn.

I laughed very hard when an annoyed Cyborg yells at Starfire for singing really bad. This was my legit reaction to Pierce Brosnan’s horrendous singing from “Mama Mia.”

The episode’s primary theme is pushing your limits without doubting yourself. No matter how difficult you face a challenge, always rely on trying when it comes to trial and error.

Defeat: No flaws were discovered.

Episode 18 – Fear Itself

Light: Control Freak makes his first appearance. He later makes an appearance in a future episode taking over television.

Titans Tower is haunted by monsters.

Episode 18’s title is a reference to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s speech.

We learn where the monsters originated.

One scene lampshades a horror movie cliché when a gang splits up. Somebody’s been taking notes from Jamie Kennedy’s character, Randy Meeks from the ‘Scream” series.

Dark: No flaws found.

Episode 19 – Date With Destiny

Happy: Batman villain, Killer Moth forces Robin to take his daughter, Kitten to the prom. Meanwhile, The Gang try to stop Killer Moth’s crime without Robin. I don’t think Episode 19 is stupid. Like the comics, Killer Moth is just a loser in a costume. He’s not a deadly foe. By the way, Thomas Haden Church voices the pathetic baddie. He went on to play Flint Marko/Sandman in “Spider-Man 3” & “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

Robin’s smile is funny as heck. Why isn’t this a meme?

A chase scene with Robin trying to apprehend a thug with a spider’s head.

Episode 19 has nothing to do with Terra’s storyline. Basically, a side mission.

A kissing scene with Kitten and her “boyfriend” his played for laughs. As if James Gunn came up with a surreal scene.

Starfire adopts a “pet.”

Sad: No dumb thing present.

Episode 20 – Transformation

Upside: Starfire goes through puberty in a bizarre phase, due to her physiology.

Starfire acquires a new variation of her powers.

A laugh out loud moment with Beast Boy. It has something to do with water.

Tony Jay (Judge Frollo from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame) narrates this episode.

Downside: No cons spotted.

Episode 21 – Titans Rising

Rise:  After a long absence, Terra returns now in full control of her powers.

Upon seeing a glimpse of Terra’s mind, Raven becomes suspicious towards her.

Slade factors in this episode using robotic drills as part of his latest scheme.

Fall: Flaws at zero percent.

Episode 22 – Winner Take All

Winner: Robin, Cyborg & Beast Boy (minus Raven & Starfire) are transported to a tournament where heroes compete in a battle of winning a “prize.”

The Master Of Games transports the heroes in a “tournament.” I almost forgot, Jim Cummings (Winnie The Pooh, Darkwing Duck) voices the dude.

Loser: The end of this episode never continues what happens next for Raven & Starfire. Ever heard of the term, “equal opportunity?”

Episode 23 – Betrayal

Trust: Episode 23’s title is obviously named after an important plot point.

The Titans battle Slade’s army of robots. Meanwhile, Slade has other plans.

Beast Boy & Terra go on a date together.

One scene pays homage to the infamous mirror scene from Bruce Lee’s “Enter The Dragon.” Also reminds of that one episode, “Baby Doll” from “Batman: The Animated Series.”

I can’t tell you how this episode ends. Let’s just say it is pretty shocking.

Disloyal: Nothing bad happened.

Episode 24 – Fractured

Well: Larry is similar to Bat-Mite. Both guys have the power to manipulate reality, they’re short, are fans of their idol Batman/Robin, dress like him and are knowledgeable on their hero. Bat-Mite often makes appearances in the animated series, “Batman: The Brave And The Bold.” If James Gunn produces a spin-off focusing on Bat-Mite, it’ll take the DCEU to a wacky level.

Opening Credits are silly with Larry singing like William Hung. What you’re about to see is a breather episode healing the mental wounds from Episode 23.

Episode 24 has no connection to Terra’s storyline. Another side mission like Robin’s forced date with Killer Moth’s daughter.

Larry’s real name is Dick Grayson spelled backwards. Turns out the Robin in this show is a Dick. In the words of “The Lego Batman Movie.” “Kids can be cruel.”

Sick: Couldn’t anything idiotic.

Episodes 25-26 – Aftershock

High: After Episode 24’s surreal side story, the show shifts back to serious territory. Deathstroke’s grandmaster plan comes into full circle. Season 2’s finale is more intense than Season 1’s finale.

The two-part episode closes Season 2’s story arc on a high note. You don’t wanna know.

The Gang battle Slade’s henchmen and his “second-in-command.”

Beast Boy is less goofy, because he has a personal score with Slade.

Raven & Terra have an epic fight.

I can’t tell you how it ends. You’re gonna have to see for yourself.

Aftershock is my favorite episode of Season 2.

Low: Nothing bad.

The Final Verdict: A-

Despite one flaw, Teen Titans’ second season is a slight improvement of the first season. Some of the good stuff, indicates why nearly all episodes aged like fine wine. If you wanna introduce your kids to the real Teen Titans, I highly recommend all five seasons.

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