Spider-Man: No Way Home

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” is currently out in theaters. The third solo film starring Tom Holland earned positive reviews from critics, fans and movie goers alike. So far, it is making money at the box office. Recently, Tom Holland confirmed he will reprise his role as The Web Slinger in a new trilogy.

As you may know, Sony is working on a batch of characters headlining solo movies
including Jared Leto’s “Morbius” slated to come out in January 28, 2022, a third “Venom” film with Tom Hardy reprising his role as the titular character & in 2023, Aaron Taylor-Johnson will portray “Kraven The Hunter.” A follow up to Spider-Man on PS4/PS5 will also be released in 2023. One more thing, the Oscar winning animated film “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” will get a two-parter follow up titled, “Across The Spider-Verse.” Parts 1-2 will be released in 2022-2023.

This review doesn’t list any crucial SPOILERS. Feel free to check out my classified article. Is No Way Home worth the price of admission? Let’s find out, shall we?

Amazing & Unamazing Aspects

Amazing: Tom Holland reprises his role as Spider-Man and he did a decent job for his performance.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, J.B. Smoove, Jon Favreau, Benedict Wong, Tony Revolori, Marisa Tomei & J.K. Simmons reprise their roles from previous installments, and they all did a great job for their respective performances.

Alfred Molina, Willem Dafoe, Jamie Foxx, Thomas Haden Church & Rhys Ifans reprise their roles as Spider-Man’s enemies from both Sam Raimi & Marc Webb’s versions.

Jon Watts did an incredible job directing Spider-Man’s third solo entry.

Chris McKenna & Erik Sommers co-wrote the script. They also wrote “Spider-Man: Homecoming” & “Spider-Man: Far From Home.”

Action Sequences are superb as they manage to keep my blood pumping.

Michael Giacchino (The Incredibles, Star Wars: Rouge One, Star Trek) orchestrated the music.

Visual Effects are Class A quality. Alfred Molina was digitally de-aged to look younger as he did in “Spider-Man 2.” I believe de-aging actors/actresses is the next step in moving making history extending a seasoned A-Lister’s career. Perhaps Warner Bros. can make a third solo Batman movie for Michael Keaton picking up where “Batman Returns” left off.

Spider-Man’s costumes including his classic red and blue look, Iron Spider and a brand new black and gold suit are legit. The latter outfit has nothing to do with the Venom symbiote.

Cinematography never succumbed to any technical issues whatsoever.

Chemistry between Peter, his love interest Michelle “MJ” Jones & his best friend Ned Leeds serves as the emotional highlight.

The Tone is slightly serious than the previous two Spidey films.

If you rewatched all movie versions of Spider-Man, callbacks to previous installments are brought up. Every single one managed to put a smile on my face. Making me feel like a kid again.

Humor retains Spidey’s plucky attitude, snarky one-liners, morals and noble personality.

Primary Themes are Responsibility, Choice & Sacrifice. Each one is handled maturely.

Set after the events of Far From Home, Peter’s identity as Spider-Man is exposed worldwide. With no other choice, he asks Doctor Strange to erase the world’s memory of his existence as Spider-Man. After a spell goes awry, villains from various universes show up. It’s up to Peter to fix his predicament.

After appearing in a total of five films, Character Development fleshes out Peter’s life as a superhero who will do anything to protect his loved ones. I refuse to spill the beans. Again, this article is classified.

If you’re confused on why some villains who died from previous Spider-Man films, their fates are addressed.

Without giving too much away, an epic ensues. It made me cheer.

The Third Act is worth a payoff. You’ll be in awe. It totally deserves Bonus Points.

I can only sum up the best way to describe The Ending. “Goody.”

Stay tune for a Mid-Credits Scene and a Post-Credits Scene to see what’s in store for the MCU’s future.

Unamazing: I couldn’t find anything wrong. I’m giving The Cast & Crew an Extra Point for making a flawless movie as possible.

The Final Verdict: A, FOR APEX!

After The Cast & Crew kept plot details under wraps, I actually enjoyed Spider-Man: No Way Home from start to finish. It is the best live-action Spider-Man film I’ve ever seen since “Spider-Man 2.” Every single positive aspect indicates why No Way Home is worth the price of admission. If you have nothing else to do during Christmas month, go out and support this movie. As a lifelong Marvel fan, I can’t wait for upcoming MCU content like Tom Holland’s new Spider-Man trilogy, “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness,” “Thor: Love And Thunder,” “Moon Knight,” “Secret Invasion,” “She-Hulk” & “Ms. Marvel.” I’m also excited for the upcoming Spider-Man sequel on PS5.

One more thing, Marvel hating twats, Ridley Scott & Denis Villeneuve can suck it!

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