Eternals is currently out in theaters. It received mixed reviews from critics, fans and movie goers. So far, it’s making revenue at the box office. As a Marvel fan, I’ve never read an Eternals comic. For time I heard of them is when Kevin Feige announced Phase 4’s batch of films and shows tied to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU for short.

This review contains no crucial SPOILERS. Feel free to read my non-spoiler article. Before you scroll down, I’m gonna say some bad words and some inappropriate material not suitable for anybody over the film’s controversy. Be warned. Reader’s discretion advised.

Gold & Rusty Qualities

Gold: The Main Cast such as Gemma Chan, Angelina Jolie, Kumali Nanjiani, Richard Madden, Brian Tyree Henry, Lauren Ridloff, Barry Keogha, Don Lee, Lia McHugh & Salma Hayek all did an awesome job for their respective performances.

Fun Fact: Gemma co-starred in “Captain Marvel” as Minn-Erva.

Other Cast Members such as Kit Harrington & Bill Skarsgård both did a solid job for their respective performances.

Chloé Zhao did a great job directing. She also co-wrote the script. She managed to improve her filmmaking skills. Personally, I didn’t like “Nomadland.” Sorry folks, it was a snorefest. If you wanna see more details on why Nomadland is awful, I wrote an article about it.

Action Sequences are amazing to look at the team beating the crud outta baddies.

Cinematography captures breathtaking imagery of legit shots.

Visual Effects are Class A yet they don’t seem fake at all.

Humor has some funny moments with good laughs.

Ramin Djawadi (Game Of Thrones, Westworld Iron Man) orchestrated the music.

Costume Designs are authentic for the characters’ signature color. Ikaris’ blue outfit minus a red cape and S logo reminds me of Superman.

If you’re questioning why didn’t the Eternals didn’t partake in epic battles from previous installments. It’s properly addressed.

Kingo is my favorite character. According to Kumanli, he prepped up for the role working out, watched “Zorro” films & “Die Hard.” He reminds me of Johnny Cage from the “Mortal Kombat” video games.

Chemistry between members of the titular team serves as the main highlight. Their interactions with one another moves the story forward.

Arishem factors in the Eternals’ past.

The movie often moves back to the past and present involving the team’s backstory on Earth. It’s not told in non-linear (out of order) format like “Babel.” Thank goodness it’s not told in a jumbled mess as in The Wachowskis’ “Cloud Atlas.”

One scene shows Kingo forming a finger gun as an energy attack. A possible reference to Yusuke’s spirit gun from “Yu Yu Hakusho.” The aforementioned anime is one of my favorites.

The villain is kept secret. I refuse to tell you. You’ll have to see for yourself.

Phastos is the first gay character in an MCU film. Don’t worry, there’s no in your face pandering. I’m happy Marvel is carefully adding inclusivity for movie goers who can relate to three dimensional characters. Controversy spread all over The Internet. Russia bumped the rating to 18 for a gay couple and countries in the Gulf territory banned the film for its depiction of gods and prophets. Russia bumping the rating to 18 isn’t fact checking for sexual content, this is full-blown discrimination. The movie doesn’t show two men inhaling poppers and going up the shithole while listening to Liza Minnelli songs. Imagine if your future son or daughter might come out as gay, lesbian, bi or transgender being disregarded by intolerant dildos who don’t give a legit fuck about anybody’s race, religion, sexuality or beliefs? Hear me out, I’m supportive to The LGBT Community not a fuckin’ cocksucker like disgraced filmmaker Brett Ratner. If you support LBGT rights, FUCK HOMOPHOBIA! If you refuse to change your attitude towards different people, go fuck yourselves!

Remember the first trailer for Eternals featuring the song “End Of The World?” It’s played in one scene. The song was also used in “Fallout 4” & “Girl Interrupted.” Angelina won her first Oscar in the latter.

A Mid-Credits Scene & Post-Credits Scene sets up future installments. Don’t forget to stay in your seat.

I never got bored from start to finish. I was glued to the big screen.

Rusty: The Pacing is slow. If you’re impatient craving for action scenes, you’re gonna be bored.

The Final Verdict: A-

Even though I never read an Eternals comic, their cinematic debut is surprisingly decent. At first, I was setting my expectations low as an average film. Turns out i liked it alongside “Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings.” If you’re eager to see Eternals, I highly recommend it. I cannot wait to see “Spider-Man: Far From Home.” I’m looking forward to it this Christmas. So far, MCU’s Phase 4 is still going strong with “WandaVision,” “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier,” “What If,” “Black Widow,” Shang-Chi & Eternals.

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