Gamer’s Review: Grand Theft Auto V

After “Grand Theft Auto IV” was released in 2008 & two expansion packs stories titled, “The Lost & Damned” & “The Ballard Of Gay Tony” were released in 2009, Rockstar Games worked on a fifth installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. It took them years to develop a massive game worth a boatload of brainstorming. This time it takes place in Los Santos (based on Los Angeles) focusing on a trio as playable characters. The game is none other than “Grand Theft Auto V.”

Grand Theft Auto V was released on PS3/X-Box 360 in 2013. The game was re-released in 2014 on PS4/Xbox One. The game earned critical acclaim from many critics, fans & gamers alike. In addition to overwhelming decent reviews, it also made a billion dollars as the fastest selling game of the GTA series. It continues to make more profit after its original release.

GTA V will get yet another re-release on the PS5 & Xbox Series X in 2021. Pretty lazy for Rockstar Games not actually giving a crud to make another installment in future consoles. I wanna share my thoughts on what’s good or bad about the latest installment in the GTA series.

The following review doesn’t contain no SPOILERS. I’ll give a bunch of gamers a chance to play this game. Feel free to read my non-spoiler article. I’m only gonna review single player, not online.

Epic & Dumb Elements

Epic: Ned Luke, Shawn “OG Solo” Fonteno & Steven Ogg all did an excellent job for their respective performances as the three playable protagonists Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton & Trevor Phillips. Michael is my favorite out of the trio.

For the first time in GTA history, you get to switch between all three characters.

Chemistry between the three leads served as one of the main highlights of the game. Whenever they interact, it gets good.

The Three Leads are based on a specific protagonist in terms of gameplay or characterization. Michael is based on any character who beats a game gaining everything the payer’s gone through. Franklin is kinda similar to Carl “CJ” Johnson from San Andreas. Both Franklin & CJ are new to their rise to power doing favors for their contacts. Trevor on the other hand is based on the player killing everything in sight.

Graphics are fully detailed than previous games making GTA V as the most realistic so far. The PS4 version has better quality, vegetation, whether effects, increased draw distance.

The game is a satirical depiction of American culture. Rockstar Games are not afraid to poke fun at a ton of people depicted in an exaggerated form of ridicule. It ain’t that humorous as in the “Saints Row” franchise.

Los Santos is obviously based on Los Angeles. Unlike GTA: San Andreas, Los Santos is the primary setting which means San Fierro & Las Venturas aren’t included.

Locations are diverse. Los Santos’ districts are filled with many places, outside Los Santos the map has mountains, a beautiful ocean, hills and a military base.

Missions all play a massive role. My favorites are heist themed with all three characters embarking on a dangerous quest to earn a truckload of money. There are a total of 69 (not a joke) missions. Despite some missions are labeled as heists themed, they also have elements of spy elements.

Side Missions are labeled “Strangers & Freaks.” Michael, Franklin & Trevor have their own unique encounters with weird individuals. They can be useful to earn cash/unlockables.

Heists Missions let you decide which approach you should choose. A crew member aids you on your quest. The bigger the pay cut, the higher he/she’s skill should come in handy. Be sure to choose carefully if you want to keep your future “income” balanced.

Single Player Mode’s game length clocks in approximately 60 plus hours. If you’re seeking to achieve 100% happy hunting. Gonna be a long time to finish all missions, side quests, activities, buying businesses, random events etc. Definitely worth your spare time.

The Trio have stats defining their strength, stealth, aim, stamina, lung capacity, driving and flying abilities. As you play, their attributes increase.

Side characters like LaMaar, Franklin’s best friend & Jimmy, Michael’s son provide comic relief. By the way, Jimmy is played by Danny Tamberelli. Known as half of the duo from “Pete & Pete.” Also a former cast member from “All That.”

Callbacks from Grand Theft Auto IV are included. Packie McReary, a fellow associate of Niko Bellic, can be recruited as a crew member, if you can find him. Johnny Klebitz, a playable character in the DLC expansion pack, “The Lost & Damned” makes a brief appearance. Niko is indirectly mentioned.

You can spend your hard earned cash on outfits, cars, motorcycles, boats, guns, upgrades for your guns/vehicles and purchase properties.

Like its predecessors, GTA V has a ton of pop culture references.

The PS4 Version adds a few features including first-person view, creatures, more songs on radio stations, a few weapons etc.

Radio Stations have a a variety of good music ranging from classic rock, hip-hop, electronic, pop, alternate rock & heavy metal.

Besides radio stations, a music score is conducted by electronic band, Tangerine Dream. Rockstar Games are going with more variety in terms of music.

Each character has a unique special ability reflecting his specific skill. Michael can slow down time to shoot his enemies similar to the “Dead Eye” mechanic from “Red Dead Redemption.” Franklin can slow down time to evade traffic or danger while driving his way to his destination. Trevor can activate “rage mode” increasing damage to eliminate many enemies standing in his way.

There are three optional endings. I stick with Option C as in consider this a official ending. Options A & B don’t count.

Dumb: I’m gonna be brutally honest with you fellow gamers. I couldn’t spot no issues with GTA V. I’m giving Rockstar Games an Extra Point for making a flawless game as possible.

The Final Verdict: A, FOR APEX!

Grand Theft Auto V is one of my favorite installments in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. San Andreas is my personal favorite. Grand Theft Auto IV & Vice City are also my favorites too. If you want to replay or give GTA V a try, I strongly recommend this game right now. Be sure not to let your kids play it.

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