Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Season 2)

In August 2008, an animated film titled, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” was released in theaters. Two Months Later, a follow up television series linked to the movie aired on Cartoon Network earning positive reception from critics, viewers and fans alike. The show expanded the Star Wars universe as it focuses on The Clone Wars set before “Revenge Of The Sith.”

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Season 2) aired in 2009-2010. The second season earned positive reception from critics, viewers and fans alike.

A 7th season of The Clone Wars is coming back on Disney+ streaming in February 2020. Before the upcoming season fills in the gap prior to “Revenge Of The Sith,” I want to share what’s good or bad about the second season of The Clone Wars. “The Mandalorian” will be streaming on Disney+ this November. One more thing, “The Rise Of Skywalker” is coming out in December as the final installment of “The Skywalker Saga.”

Today’s review doesn’t contain no crucial SPOILERS. Feel free to read my non-spoiler article.

The Entire Season

Positive: The Main Cast from the first season reprise their roles & they all did a fantastic job for their respective voiceover performances.

Action Sequences were pretty decent showcasing a variety of scenes such as space battles, lightsaber combat, blasters and other variations.

The Animation retains its Computer Animation from the first season. Character Designs retain the likeness of an actor’s face from The Prequel Trilogy.

Dave Filoni did a fantastic job organizing each episode for Season 2.

Kevin Kiner orchestrated music for the show as he did in the previous season and animated movie.

Humor has the right tone without going overboard.

Sound Effects are also retained by longtime sound designer Ben Burtt.

Season 2 mostly focuses on Bounty Hunters in selected episodes.

Each storyline is different without repeating a formula over and over again. Every single one felt unique in their own way.

Minor Characters from The Prequel Trilogy have bigger roles including Ki-Adi Mundi, Luminara, Plo Koon just to name a few.

We also get to see familiar characters besides some from The Prequel Trilogy.

Familiar celebrities including Tom Kenny, Jim Cummings, Seth Green, Jon Favreau, Jamie King & Daniel Logan guest star in certain episodes.

Season 2’s episodes are set in non-linear/out of order format.

Negative: In one episode, C-3PO called Anakin, “Master Ani.” Ugh! I don’t like his nickname! Every time somebody utters the word Ani, all I can think of is “The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow!”

In the two part story arc, “The Zillo Beast,” Captain Rex said, “That’s a lot of clankers.” That line reminded me of that stupid quote, “That’s a lot of fish.” The quote from that god awful 1998 remake of Godzilla.

Episodes 23-25 – Holocron Heist, Cargo Of Doom & Children Of The Force

Positive: Holocron Heist’s three-part storyline is actually set before Cad Bane & his crew plot a hostage crisis to free Ziro The Hutt.

Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Arkham games) wrote Holocron Heist.

Ahsoka is assigned for “community service” after disobeying orders.

Seth Green makes a guest appearance as a “techno-service droid.”

Cad Bane’s heist plan in a villainous version of “Mission Impossible.”

Ahsoka calls someone “Changeling.” A possible reference to Angelina Jolie’s film.

Part II’s title “Cargo Of Doom” is a play on word of “Temple Of Doom” a shout-out to “Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom.”

Part III’s title “Children Of The Force” is a play on word of Stephen King’s “Children Of The Corn.”

Anakin comes up with an improvised plan to guide The Clones to fight their way through The Separatist Ship.

A holocron serves as a plot device.

A battle in gravity mode was cool. Reminded me of the gravity scene from “Moonraker.”

Anakin shouts Admiral Ackbar’s “It’s A Trap!”

Cad Bane said “The Last Jedi.” So that’s why Lucasfilm handpicked Cad’s line for Episode 8’s title.

Mace Windu does his Indiana Jones impression by using the force to reach his lightsaber before the doors shut.

Negative: Is it me, or does a baby gungan resembles Ariana Grande? If she participates in a future Star Wars film, television series (either live action or animated) or video game, I’d be in denial. Please Disney & Lucasfilm, don’t get any ideas!

Episodes 26-30 – Senate Spy, Landing At Point Rain, Weapons Factory, Legacy Of Terror & Brain Invaders

Yay: Padmé goes on an undercover mission to spy on a close friend who may have ties with The Separatists.

Padmé going on a spy mission reminded me of Steven Soderbergh’s film “The Informant” with Matt Damon.

Padmé wears a purple dress as she walks down the stairs while two people gaze at her. A double reference to “Miss Congeniality” & “Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire.” You know that latter film with Hermione channeling Sandra Bullock.

Landing At Point Rain’s battle scenes are so intense. The Body Count is higher than Jabba The Hutt’s cholesterol.

Ki-Adi Mundi said “There’s no such thing as luck.” A call-forward to Obi-Wan’s line from “A New Hope.”

Two characters competing who has the most kill count is a reference to Legolas & Gimli’s kill count from “The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King.”

Ahsoka team up with Luminara’s padawan Barriss Offee.

Legacy Of Terror pays homage to James Cameron’s “Aliens” & George A. Romero’s “Night Of The Living Dead.”

Similar to Legacy Of Terror, Brain Invaders continues paying tribute to the Alien franchise. This time it’s similar to Ridley Scott’s “Alien.” Ahsoka takes the role of Ellen Ripley.

Nay: A clone called a female Jedi sir. Does every single clone have the inability to tell the difference between a boy and a girl?

C-3PO referred Anakin as “Master Ani.” I hate that nickname. Every time I hear Ani, all I can picture is “It’s A Hard Knock Life.”

Episodes 31-32 – Grievous Intrigue & The Deserter

Success: Obi-Wan, Cody, Rex, Anakin & Adi Gallia team up to rescue Jedi taken hostage by Grievous.

Adi Gallia has a big role in Grievous Intrigue. She was also the main character of the video game, “Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter.” To bad it is no longer canon.

A lightsaber battle ensues.

Obi-Wan, Cody & Rex continue their mission to track down Grievous.

A “farmer” factors in The Deserter.

The Deserter reminded me of “Signs.” Unlike the Aliens from the film, Separatists carry firearms, capable of penetrating barriers.

Failure: Nothing happened in this two part story arc.

Episode 33 – Lightsaber Lost

Up: Ahsoka tries to find her missing lightsaber.

Ashoka said, “My master’s gonna kill me.” A callback to Anakin’s quote “Not again, Obi-Wan’s gonna kill me.” After his lightsaber was destroyed at a Droid Factory as depicted in Attack Of The Clones.

Down: No flaws were spotted.

Episodes 34-36 – The Mandalore Plot, Voyage Of Temptation & Duchess Of Mandalore

Forward: Obi-Wan visits an old friend from his past.

Jon Favreau (Elf, Iron Man, The Jungle Book remake) voices Pre Vizsla.

Duchess Satine’s appearance resembles Cate Blanchett.

Obi-Wan engages in a lightsaber battle.

A terrorist organization known as “Death Watch” factors in this three part story arc.

“Voyage Of Temptation” has a “who done it” type of mystery thriller. It also reminded me of “Eight Legged Freaks.”

Paul Dini wrote the teleplay for Voyage Of Temptation.

In “Duchess Of Mandalore,” Satine wears a red hood. An obvious reference to Little Red Riding Hood.

Duchess Of Mandalore features a “clear my name” scenario similar to “Minority Report.”

Someone said, “Things are changing.” The line foreshadows The Galactic Republic’s reestablishment as The Galactic Empire.

Backwards: No single con was spotted.

Episode 37 – Senate Murders

Healthy: Padmé & Bail Organa attempt to track down a killer who poisoned a senator.

This episode actually takes place during Season 3.

Tom Kenny, (SpongeBob) who voiced Nute Gunray, voices Lt. Tan Divo. He looks and sounds like former SNL cast member & Adam Sandler’s buddy Jon Lovitz. Tom is actually good friends with Adam Sandler.

Remember Padmé’s “uncle” from Season 1? He comes back in this episode.

Mon Mothma from Return Of The Jedi makes an appearance.

This episode is told as a detective story. Like most detective stories, a Plot Twist is revealed.

Unhealthy: Couldn’t sense any issues.

Episode 38 – Cat & Mouse

Rich: Obi-Wan & Anakin engage in a space warfare against an admiral with a spider like head.

“Cat & Mouse” is set before the events of The Clone Wars movie, indicating this episode is actually the first one in chronological order.

Trench The Spider is actually the first villain The Republic fought on the show in chronological order. To me, Trench is described as the love child of Admiral Thrawn & Shelob. (from Return Of The King)

Poor: Speaking of spiders, an optional con involving a humanoid spider. If you have a fear of spiders, it can be uncomfortable. When a big spider shows up, I tend to say, “GET BACK, YOU EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS!” It’s a line from Eight Legged Freaks. I hate spiders!

Episode 39 – Bounty Hunters

Increase: This episode pays tribute to Akira Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai.” The film also inspire other films including “The Magnificent Seven,” “The Three Amigos,” “A Bug’s Life” & “Galaxy Quest.” George Lucas himself, was influenced by Akira’s work.

Dave Filoni provides the voice of Embo.

A familiar pirate comes back. I’ll give you a hint, his voice actor is the same guy who voiced “Darkwing Duck.”

Decrease: No flaws were discovered.

Episodes 40-41 – The Zillo Beast & The Zillo Beast Strikes Back

Huge: The Zillo Beast two-parter is an homage to Kaiju films most notably “Godzilla” “Cloverfield” & “King Kong.”

The Zillo Beast wrecking havoc in a city is like the aforementioned Kaiju films.

Mace Windu & Anakin team up in part one of “The Zillo Beast” story arc.

The battle with The Zillo Beast is the main highlight of the two parter.

A “Wilhelm Scream” is heard when The Zillo Beast stomps a clone trooper.

The title of the second part, The Zillo Beast Strikes Back” is named after “The Empire Strikes Back.”

The Zillo Beast Strikes Back is a tribute to King Kong & Godzilla wrecking havoc in a populated city. I guess Peter Jackson did some uncredited writing and recruited Weta Digital to design The Zillo Beast.

The Zillo Beast two parter is my favorite out of all the episodes from Season 2.

Tiny: Captain Rex said, “That’s a lot of clankers.” EGADS! This brings back that stupid line, “That’s a lot of fish.” You know the line from that god awful 1998 Godzilla remake?

Episodes 42-44 – Death Trap, R2 Come Home & Lethal Trackdown

Safe: Daniel Logan reprises his role as young Boba Fett in Attack Of The Clones. This is during his early years as a bounty hunter with the help of experienced bounty hunters.

In “Death Trap,” Boba seeks revenge against Mace after the latter character killed Jango Fett.

Without giving anything away, Boba’s spaceship known as “Slave I” returns.

R2 Come Home is named after “Lassie Come Home.”

R2 setting up traps against his foes, is a reference to “Home Alone” when Kevin sets booby traps to combat Harry & Marv.

A clone trooper is named Calvin. Sam Jackson went on to collaborate with Quentin Tarantino in “Django Unchained.” Leo DiCaprio’s character, Calvin Candie is the main villain of the film.

Plo Koon has a prominent role in “Lethal Trackdown.”

Darkwing Duck’s voice actor, Jim Cummings voices a pirate.

Deadly: No Cons were spotted.

The Final Verdict: A-

Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ 2nd Season is an improvement of the Season 1. Each story arc is unique in their own way, computer animation lacked technical issues, each character has a fascinating background, music felt memorable, action sequences kept me invested without feeling bored among several good aspects. If it weren’t for two cons, I would’ve given the second season an ultra A. If you’re interested in watching The Clone Wars, I highly recommend the animated film and the whole series.

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