Flashback Review: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

After “Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery” earned positive reception and made money at the box office, Mike Myers penned a script for a sequel set after the first film titled “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.” The sequel is about Austin who must travel back in time to reclaim his “mojo,” which is his “power source” to easily persuade all the ladies he encounters & prevent Dr. Evil’s grand master plan to destroy planet Earth.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me was released in 1999. (same year Toy Story 2 came out) It received mixed reviews from critics. Despite mixed reception, the film made enough cash at the box office.

A third installment titled, “Goldmember” was released in 2002 as the latest film in the Austin Powers series. Rumors speculate that Mike is currently brainstorming ideas for a possible fourth film. In response to the rumors, I’ve decided to look back at the second film, which is my favorite out all of all the Austin Powers films.

Today’s review doesn’t contain no SPOILERS. I’ll give you guys & gals a chance to see all three Austin Powers films. Feel free to read my non-spoiler article.

Yay & Nay Qualities

Yay: Mike Myers did a funny as heck job for his performances as Austin Powers, Dr. Evil & a Scottish fat guy named “Fat Bastard” who sounds like Shrek. In addition to playing three characters, he also co-produced & wrote the script.

Cast Members from the first film including Seth Green, Michael York, Mindy Sterling, Will Ferrell, Robert Wagner & Elizabeth Hurley all did a good job for their performances.

Newcomers in the second entry such as the late Verne Troyer, (may he Rest In Peace) Heather Graham & Rob Lowe also did good job for their performances.

A clip from one of my favorite movies is demonstrated by Dr. Evil. I’ll give you a hint, it stars “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.”

Jay Roach did a decent job directing the second entry.

Current has-been Demi Moore co-produced the film.

Cinematography never suffered from a bad case of Shaky Cam.

Humor retains its use of visual gags, memorable dialogue, self-awareness, mocking cliches from James Bond such as Dr. Evil’s incompetent schemes. As a kid, I never understood the jokes. Now that I’m older, I finally get the gags.

Prosthetic Makeup was used to transform Mike into Dr. Evil & Fat Bastard. A fatsuit was built to turn Mike into the latter character.

The sequel parodies “Moonraker,” “The Man With The Golden Gun,” “Star Wars,” & “Back To The Future.” A parody film done way better than anything by Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer.

My favorite joke has something to do with a rocket. It deserves Bonus Points as I view it as a signature scene, because I didn’t get the joke back when I was a kid.

The opening scene reveals a plot twist.

At one point, Fat Bastard mentioned a donkey. Why all know who voiced Shrek.

Speaking of Shrek, The Monkee’s “I’m A Believer” plays during a montage scene. Smash Mouth went on to cover the song as part of the soundtrack.

A Will Smith song is parodied. Will’s god-awful movie, “Wild Wild West” also came out in 1999.

A Tom Cruise movie is referenced. Tom worked with the late Stanley Kubrick & his ex-wife Nicole Kidman in “Eyes Wide Shut.” Like Wild Wild West” Kubrick’s last film came out in 1999.

A fart scene managed to make me laugh out loud.

The movie did a jab at Celine Dion. Perhaps Mike didn’t like “My Heart Will Go On.” You know the Oscar winning theme song from “Titanic.”

The sequel makes a few Star Wars references. “The Phantom Menace” came out the exact same year as The Spy Who Shagged Me. Dr Evil’s plan is named after a certain weapon. A teaser trailer for the latter movie made fun of Star Wars. Maybe Mike is a huge fan of Star Wars. He also referenced a race from “Star Trek” in the first Austin Powers film. He’s both a fan of Star Wars & Star Trek.

Jerry Springer, Clint Howard, Tim Robbins, Elvis Costello, Jeff Garlin, Rebecca Romijn, Fred Willard, Willie Nielsen & Woody Harrelson make cameo appearances.

Say what you will, Madonna wrote a song for the film called, “Beautiful Stranger.” A music video features Austin trying to resist Madonna’s looks. Oh and Mini-Me also appears.

Lenny Kravitz also contributed to soundtrack covering “American Woman.”

The ending sets up the third movie.

Like the first film, scenes are shown during The End Credits. One of them reveals a character’s lineage.

A post-credits scene is optional to view. Which is played for laughs.

Nay: Product Placement featuring bands like Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Virgin Records & Pepsi. I’ll give this flaw a pass, because I couldn’t spot any other brand to shove down my throat.

The Final Verdict: A, FOR APEX!

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me is my favorite Austin Powers movie & also one of my favorite parody movies. If you’re interested in seeing all three Austin Powers films, go ahead and give em’ a watch. I hope the rumors of a fourth movie in development are true. As long as I don’t see Mike wearing a catsuit.

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